Best Beautiful Beach Attractions

Best Beautiful Beach Attractions – Traveling to the beach may be often desirable. This is because the beach has a beautiful view. In Indonesia addition, the waves and also the special breezy wind of the beach will put a relaxed impression. No wonder if every holiday season comes, poly people who go to the beach. If you are a beach enthusiast & want to travel the world, don’t miss to visit some of the world’s best beach tours here. Baia do Sancho Beach, Brazil

The first beach that is the Most Beautiful Beach in the World is Baia do Sancho Beach located in Brazil. This beach is a beach that has been relatively long known to be one of the best beaches found in Brazil. This is because the shape of the beach is also unique, which is in the form of a crescent moon that is as beautiful. In addition, this beach has soft sand. For the sea water itself, aesthetics can be seen from the collection of green hues and also clear blue.

Best Beautiful Beach Attractions

Meanwhile, the back of the beach is a cliff that has a height of up to 70 meters. This cliff also has a beautiful peak because there are green trees inhabited by many types of birds that live in coastal areas. Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos Islands The next best beach tour in the world is Grace Bay in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Turks and Caicos is a place located outside the United Kingdom.

This beach is a hygienic beach and the atmosphere is quiet. Suitable for visitors who want to get a relaxed impression. In addition, the blue sea water is very latif & also clear. Because of the clear waters there, visitors who enter the water can still see their own feet from above the surface of the water. Another interesting thing based on this beach is the scenery created when the sun goes down. Eagle Beach, Caribbean

The world’s next best beach tourism recommendation is Playa Paraiso in Cuba.

This beach also has a latif scenery and should be used as a favorite vacation destination, especially if you are planning to go to Cuba. Playa Paraiso is a latif beach with fantastic views. From the beach not only white sand and blue ocean can be enjoyed. More than that, according to the beach will also be seen the Caballo mountains.

Another interesting thing according to this beach is its position is quite close based on the city. So that visitors are able to get there using relatively easy. This beach includes one shallow water beach that will be relatively conducive to playing around the beach. You can also snorkel there. Siesta Beach, Florida

The United States, precisely Florida, also has one of the best beaches for marine tourism, namely Siesta Beach. This one beach was once the most recommended beach error for tourism in 2011. No wonder if this tourist spot in the United States is indeed a favorite tourist destination until now.

Some of the best beach tours in the world that are also interesting to visit include the following:

  • Tanjung Rhu Beach, Malaysia
  • Placencia Beach, Belize
  • Natadola Beach, Fiji
  • Bondi Beach, Australia
  • Nugwi Beach, Tanzania
  • Negrill Beach, Jamaica
  • Dominican Beach, Costa Rica
  • Bahia Solano Beach, Colombia
  • Karon Beach, Thailand
  • Kauai Beach, Hawaii

Such are some of the best global beach tourism recommendations that are interesting to visit. Also know some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia that are interesting to visit. Good luck to you.

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