Latest Dieng Tourist Attractions 2022 That Must Be Visited

Recommended latest Dieng tourist attractions in Dieng in 2022 that you must visit. But which tourist attractions are included in the category of the most popular tourists today. Therefore we will review tourist destinations that are again on the rise and trends among holiday lovers to nature.

In the period when natural tourist destinations are increasingly in the interest of holiday lovers. Therefore Wonosobo & Banjarnegara Tourism as an error of one location targeted by travelers. But the natural beauty of these mountains cannot be denied anymore. With the many tourist destinations also make Dieng tourism more popular.

Most Popular Tours Only 1 Object Entered In Banjarnegara Region

There are 8 modern tourist destinations & again this time trend. But there is only 1 tourist destination that is included in the banjarnegara district zone, and the remaining 7 tourist attractions enter the Wonosobo regency. So what tourist attractions do you mean?

Sikidang Crater Tourism

Since the beginning of 2021, this tourist attraction has undergone a complete change using a new design. So in development & on the system to be neater than before. Since the construction of a kayangan bridge that loops across the tourist attraction area. Making error one of the most popular tourist locations today.

However, this one tour or sikidang crater is one of the most talked about at this time. But what makes a lot of people talk? With such a long road and precisely fit in the exit lane, tourists will complain because it is too long. And cross the road that never ends across the site of the merchants.

Batu Angkruk

Batu Angkruk tourism, entered on one of the popular & modern tours. in this tourist attraction shows the beauty of the rising sun. but not only this, you will be on pampered glass-coated bridges as well. And here there is still a garden that kece make photos – photos. And this tourist location is perfectly on the side of the primary road so you will easily find this place.

Bukit Awan Saranuk

Ride a little based on Batu Angkruk tourism, you will find bukit Awan Sikapuk tour. There is not much disparity from angkruk stone tourism. But here you will be more spacious to see the aesthetics of the scenery more or less. But the advantages of this you will be able to easily find the clouds that lie under you standing.

Geo Park Tourism

Geo Park is the name of the new tourist attraction, but it used to be called plot 9. So at this time because it has been built well, & poly on the name change as Geo Park. In addition to poly facilities or attractions in this one tourist attraction, you will also be spoiled using the natural beauty of this hill. Therefore, do not miss this tour.

Bukit Cinta

Hill of Love, may still be unfamiliar to your hearing. And this time we introduce the latest destinations & you can plan to come here. So this tourist location is exactly above the Telaga Menjer tour which in fact is the largest lake error in Wonosobo regency. From the top of this hill you will be spoiled using a very stunning aesthetic. But you can also spend the night here & there are still villas and Camp Ground. Sure you don’t want to try..???

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