Interesting Natural Attractions in Malang to visit

Natural Attractions in Malang – The holiday is the most awaited moment by people who have a high busy life. Usually the holidays are used as a moment to refresh and refresh the mind when stress and boredom arrives. Since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, holiday trends have changed.

People are now more determined to take a vacation by enjoying natural tourism to permanently be able to take care of themselves based on exposure to the corona virus. Speaking of natural tourist destinations in Indonesia, of course, one famous destination error is Malang.

Interesting Natural Attractions in Malang to visit

For those of you who are planning a vacation to Malang, poly once recommended natural tourism that can be used as the destination of choice. The activities are also diverse and certainly not boring. What are some tourist destinations in Malang that are interesting to visit? Here is a summary as summarized according to the virtual press conference.

For those who want to see the beautiful panorama of the mountains in Malang City, you can visit Omah Kayu. Here, you can spend time in a tree dwelling that is an attraction based on this tourist spot. In addition to enjoying the cool air and latif scenery, you can also do other activities such as photo hunting. Because in Omah Kayu, you can find unique poly spots for photos.

To reach the Omah Kayu area, the path that must be passed is quite far. But, don’t worry, because the road access that you will pass is very friendly. You will be accompanied by a latif view all the way to Omah Kayu. With beautiful scenery along the way, fatigue will disappear and will not cross your mind.

Destinations that are also being targete by tourists in Malang City are Gunung Banyak Sky Park.

Not only has beautiful scenery and cool air, this one tourist spot can make you feel for example in a fairyland. Starting from the angel-shaped gate from the roots of the trees, to the beautiful fairy statue based on rattan wood, you can all find it in the Sky Garden. In addition to enjoying the scenery, you are also able to be satisfie with the photos on other unique spots in the Sky Garden.

Taman Langit also has facilities such as food stalls, prayer rooms, toilets, bathrooms, and gazebos. If you want to stay, you can afford to spend the night in the inn located in the taman Langit tourist area. Coban Putri is a natural tourist destination that is a favorite of the people of Malang and its surroundings. It is said that this waterfall was once the bathing place of Princess Ken Dedes from singasari kingdom in East Java. That is why this waterfall is calle Coban Putri.

The beauty of the terraced waterfall in Coban Putri is very famous. When visiting here. You will be exclusively greete by the roar of mountain water that is rushing. Clear and fresh and cool hygienic air of the mountains. In addition to enjoying the scenery. You can also capture the moment using taking selfies in some beautiful spots available in the Coban Putri area. You remember to bring a change of clothes so that you can be satisfie to play water all day.

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