Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Ambon

The natural aesthetics of Ambon City cannot be doubted. This can steal the attention of many tourists both local and foreign. Therefore, there are several tourist attractions in Ambon that you need to visit. Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find a variety of visitors who are not from Indonesia.

The exoticism of the abundant natural wealth makes many tourist destinations in Ambon that can be visited, both in the form of beaches, caves, waterfalls, and also the uniqueness of historical places that should not be missed. However, there are some that are favorite destinations among travelers. For more details, here is a list of tourist attractions in Ambon City that you can choose during your vacation.

Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Ambon

1. Beach with Soft Sand, Beach

One of the best natural aesthetics that Indonesia should be proud of is Ngurbloat Beach. Its location on Kei Island, can provide an additional charming natural landscape. The beach, which is formed with beautiful contours, consists of a gradation of the blue color of the sea, white sand, and also the green of the surrounding trees, which makes a lot of visitors bewitched by its charm.

The exoticism of this beach does not stop there, you can see other advantages. That is, the sand on this beach has a texture that is so smooth if held. Therefore, because of the smooth sand, Ngurbloat Beach has been named the smoothest sandy beach in Asia. The magic of the beautiful charming beach can only be found in Tual, Southeast Maluku Regency.

2. Aesthetics of Tropical Island Molana

There are tourist destinations that are no less interesting in Haria Village, Southeast Maluku Regency. The reason is, you can visit this tropical island, namely Molana Island. This small island offers a unique aesthetic for tourists who love natural attractions. Rows of mangrove trees growing in the island area can add to the coolness and beauty of the beach conditions that are often recognized as hot.

Molana Island will really make anyone who comes and is amazed by its privileges. Overgrown with green mangrove forests, coral reefs, beautiful white sand, clear sea water, it is one of the tourist attractions that should not be missed. The most appropriate time to visit the island is five o’clock in the afternoon due to the low tide and beautiful sunset.

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3. Charming Bair Island

This island, which is often referred to as a hidden paradise, can be found in the North Dullah district, Maluku. Often Bair Island is compared to Raja Ampat in Papua because of its natural aesthetics and also the clear waters here. So clear, you can see the bottom of the waters that are overgrown with various marine life clearly. Not only that, but you can also enjoy the aesthetics of the mangrove forest that grows naturally on the cliffs around this island.

No need to go far to Papua to be able to enjoy the aesthetics of the fascinating nature of the sea. Just coming to Bair Island, amazing scenery will be presented at this tourist location. The cool textured rock cliffs combined with charming mangroves, make this island visited by many foreign tourists. To prove it in person, you can visit this Bair Island. Well, those were some reviews that discuss about tourism in Ambon that must be visited if you want to visit Ambon then visit the place above.

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