Visit Armaya Enchanting Natural Attractions

Want to enjoy a bathing tour in Medan with a cheap but joyous promo? One of the alternatives that can be chosen is armaya nature tourism. This vacation place located in Pancur Batu presents beautiful natural scenery conditions so that visitors feel at home if they visit this place. This temat also has a swimming pool spot and the river is clean enough so that it can make tourists happy who want to visit.

With a break of only 1 hour from the city of Medan, armaya nature tourism is a recommended Pancur Batu destination to relieve stress. Relax for a while enjoy the fresh charm of Armaya Nature which is a favorite short vacation place for residents of the capital of North Sumatra. For more details, see the following explanation.

Visit Armaya Enchanting Natural Attractions

Armaya natural tourism is located in Sukarende Village, Kutalimbaru District, Pancur Batu, Deli Serdang. The entrance ticket to Armaya is only Rp10.000,- for each visitor.

1. Beautiful and Joyous Stone Fountain Tour

Not only the natural baths of Lau Penda and Kampung Ladang, the tourist attractions around Pancur Batu are also quite encouraging and cool for refreshing with family because the surroundings are overgrown with various shady trees.

The atmosphere must be beautiful and like a recreation in the forest. The concept of natural tourism presente at Armaya Nature contains 4 elements and is adapte to its name, namely cool, beautiful, peaceful and also comfortable.

The 11-hectare tourist area is fille with a series of interesting attractions including fishing ponds, as well as horse racing, sports spots, outbound, restaurants and not to forget the river (beach) which can be use as a natural bath. Even lodging at affordable rates already exists so that the facilities here already resemble a resort.

2. Variety of Activities in Armaya Nature Tourism

Then, what are the tourist activities that can be done in Armaya which is typical with a touch of nature and beauty? So you don’t need to be confuse, here are encouraging activities that are worth trying. For those who are looking for information on swimming pools in Pancur Batu, it is not wrong to choose an Armaya swimming pool to fill your vacation.

Here there are 3 swimming pools that can be use by visitors. Namely a special children’s pool, a professional swimming pool and a pool tailored to adolescent standards. The three ponds are even more beautiful because they are surrounde by lotus flower water flora.

In another corner, there is also a pond develope for water facilities where there are ducking facilities. Meanwhile, specifically for fishing mania. There is a fish pond containing catfish and goldfish that have been provided as a means of fishing. At exclusive times, fishing competitions are often held. But, on the day of a normal visit, the fishing pond remains open.

Want to feel more delicious with an atmosphere away from pollution? in Armaya tourism there is also a natural bath in the form of a river. Although the water flow is not very clear like in Umbul Mabar but for just relaxation from. The fatigue of work routines, swimming in the calm and shallow flow of the Armaya natural bath is quite satisfying.

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Another attractive tourist activity that is also encouraging in Armaya is a closer look at horse farming. Visitors are also allowe to try riding horses and of course will be guide by experts, isn’t it exciting?

Well, those are some reviews that discuss about the natural tourism armaya. This place is quite popular among tourists, hopefully the discussion above can help.

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