Holiday Season? Just go to Attractions in Bogor!

Bogor is one of the cities in West Java that is a tourist destination for tourists in the holiday season. The comfortable atmosphere makes the city crowded with tourists. Not only that, there are many attractions in Bogor that you can visit with family or friends.

The tourist areas in Bogor range from natural tourism to new tourism. The location of several tourist destinations is also not too far away. You can plan to take a vacation to attractions in Bogor and here is a list of which tourist destinations to visit.

Holiday Season? Just go to Bogor Aja! Lots of Dancing Tours, you know!

1. Little Venice Peak

Venice is one of the cities in Italy that uses the ship mode to go through the city. The manager tried to bring Venice to Bogor by building the same architecture as Venice. Tourists can ride a boat or bicycle.

This tourist location is in the City of Flowers Estate. You can enter the tourist attractions from 9 am to 5 pm. Everyone who enters will be charged a ticket of IDR 20,000 and does not include the cost of boarding the boat.

2. Curug Cibaliung

Bogor has many waterfalls, one of which is Curug Cibaliung. The atmosphere around this tourist spot is very natural and cool. The flowing water is so clear. Coupled with the beautiful scenery of the rocks.

The location of Curug Cibaliung is very hidden. You need to walk and explore before you get to your destination. You can get to the direction of Karang Tengah Village. To enter that location, you will be asked to pay Rp 5,000 per motorbike and Rp 10,000 per person.

3. Curug Leuwi Lieuk

Another waterfall that can be visited is Curug Leuwi Lieuk. This waterfall is in the place of Wangun Cileungsi, West Bogor. You will feel the pleasure of breathing fresh air when visiting Curug Leuwi Lieuk. The green view of the trees will also accompany you when traveling.

Curug Leuwi Lieuk can be visited from 06.00-18.00. The best time to visit this waterfall is towards noon or evening. Sunlight will make the scenery so beautiful. An entrance ticket of Rp 10,000 is provided by the manager for tourists.

4. Ah Poong Market

Tourist attractions in Bogor are not only natural attractions. If you like culinary tours, Ah Poong Market is the right place. This market uses an interesting concept, namely by providing a way to shop using a canoe.

Ah Poong Market also provides a place to look for souvenirs. The location of Ah Poong Market is in Babakan Madang. The market is open from 09.00-22.00. You can explore freely and try the food at hand.

5. Tirta Sanita Ciseeng Hot Spring Park

Bogor is known as the city of rain. Its location in the highlands makes the atmosphere in the city feel cool. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feel the warmth in Bogor. You can enjoy a hot bath with natural nuances at Tirta Sanita Ciseeng.

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The location of the bath water is open from 08.00-18.00. You will be charged a fee of IDR 10,000 on weekdays and IDR 12,000 on weekends or holidays. In this location there is not only hot water, but also a variety of outbound facilities.

Those are some of the tourism recommendations in Bogor. Bogor is famous for its peaks, but make no mistake, the tours there are not only good peaks. But many places in Bogor are very beautiful to visit, as explained above. Happy visiting!

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