Attractions in Gili Trawangan Lombok

Attractions in Gili Trawangan – For those who getol travel, Gili Trawangan which is precisely in the province of West Nusa Tenggara can be one of the marine tourist destinations if it is not yet on your list which is also a tourist site in Indonesia. This is a site that will show a variety of excitement and tranquility in the holidays.

With its location in the direction of the maritime west of Lombok Island, Gili Trawangan itself is a mini area that is only 1.5 kilometers long and two kilometers long. Then, actually what creates tourist attractions in Gili Trawangan becomes the subject of discussion of tourists?

Attractions in Gili Trawangan Lombok

Turtle Conservation

Near the port of Gili Trawangan, visitors will be able to find an area claime by Turtle Conservation or turtle conservation sites. For lovers of this fighting fauna, you can come and see exclusively how turtles that are still children are care for and raise at the site earlier. After growing up well, the nurses in the shelter will release them into the ocean to live freely like other marine animals.

It is at sea that the turtles will grow up and will eventually be able to bree which is an error of one noble goal because this is tantamount to a business to preserve the environment using a good way. When divestment is not done carelessly, because turtles that are large enough will be release using holding a ceremony procedure. This includes one of the interesting things to be witnesse by tourists to add insight as well. Before being release, conservationists keep it in a grand aquarium so that it will be visible to the eyes of visitors whether it is from the side or according to the top.

Underwater World

If you set foot on Gili Trawangan, don’t miss to enjoy the scenery in the underwater world by diving or snorkeling ria. This activity is indee the most in demand by visitors and there is no need to worry because every diving service in this area has an international license as a result guarantee to be truste. Visitors who like to dive will also be able to use quality and conducive tools. The guide will not disappoint and make donations for example what is need.

Diving spots provide are also there are many as a result of which divers will be able to trace each spor that does have its own attraction. Diving spots that are very familiar in the hearing of tourists who getol diving, including Simons Reef, Deep Turbo, Trawangan Slope, Coral Fan Garden, Shark Point, Bounty Reef, Halik Reed, Jack Point and many more. Usually, there are excellent spots owne by every diving operator and the level of challenge or difficulty will not be the same base on your experience and ability to dive.

However, for those who are not fans of diving but are very eager to see what is under the sea of Gili Trawangan, its beauty can be witnesse using other means. If you don’t like diving, please choose to snorkel which will certainly not be less exciting according to diving. For Glass Bottom Boat, there is a rental place as a result of which you can rent directly there.

Beach with Beautiful View

When setting foot in Gili Trawangan, of course, the main center of attention is the aesthetics of the beach that is not playing to make us not want to go home. Indee, if in terms of contours, the beaches in the Gili Trawangan area are not too unequal base on other beaches in Lombok because it has this beach create using a sweet panorama and a stretch of white sand. There are a myriad of marine biota that also become the inhabitants of sea water that is very clear and is the most beautiful beach in Indonesia.

It’s just that, when deciding to relax on the beach, it will be seen by the eyes of two mountains that majestically stand in the distance, namely Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani. What distinguishes this beach from other beaches in Lombok is that visitors can at any time arrive for a vacation because the weather will be permanently bright. If bali or Lombok often rains, then in Gili Trawangan this sporadic once as a result visitors will be satisfie without fear of rain West Nusa Tenggara while enjoying this tourist attraction.

Sunset Panorama

Although for some people the sunset or sunset view seems ordinary. But for some others, this panorama is what is awaited every time you go back to the beach. So, don’t forget to watch it while walking on Gili Trawangan. In this area is famous for a site calle Sunset View that can be visite to watch the beautiful sun that sinks at night. And its location is to the west of Gili Trawangan. So, do not be surprise if you come in the afternoon you will find a crowd in Sunset View because local. And foreign tourists seem reluctant to give up the opportunity to see the sunset.

Maybe it will be more fun if you wait not only to use sitting around, but also while snacking. Take it easy, near this area there are small foods and drinks that can be purchase at the stall. To go to Sunset View yourself, you are given several options, namely taking the Cidomo horse-drawn carriage. Riding a bicycle, or walking only. However, whatever way you choose to get to Sunset View. Make sure not to miss it because the sunset is a mistake of one gili Trawangan exoticism that will make your vacation more complete.

Beachside Movies

Another excitement that will not found on the inner beaches is generally a movie that is playe on the beach. In gili Trawangan beach there are a number of sites that can chose to watch movies with family or friends who vacation in this area. The films provide are in the form of the big screen but there are also those in the form of TV with a type of film that is quite complete and can be chose by the visitor base on the type of favorite film.

The good news again is. If you usually watch movies in the cinema we have to pay for movie tickets. Watching movies on the beach Gili Trawangan will not be charge any porto. Both entrance fees and tickets to watch it. Most sites will be free & visitors only need to buy drinks just to be able to get in there, simple and cheap right?

Live Music

In addition to the diverse fun movies, which are happy to use music. You can try visiting several bars or cafes that show live music entertainment.

For a more fun night atmosphere in Gili Trawangan there is nothing wrong with stopping by one of the cafes to enjoy the latest music to reggae music. Without realizing it, we will be dissolve in a pleasant atmosphere because of the live music. And as a result it is not surprising that many tourists who arrive to visit this tourist spot. And tourist attractions that are suitable for young children.

Presean or Stick Fighting

This is one of the other uniqueness that can be obtaine only in Gili Trawangan. Namely traditional martial arts and indee originally derive from the Sasak tribe in Lombok. This martial arts is performe relatively often near the Art Market area and because it will not be able to be observd elsewhere. Visitors are able to come and watch it. In this martial arts show. There will be two fighters who claim to use the word Pepadu in Sasak. And Pakembar which is a term for the referee.

A rattan stick is a weapon carrie by the 2 pepadu whose term is in Sasaknya, Penjalin. Not only sticks, they also each have An Ende or shield made of leather. This martial arts is include in the extreme level and during the performance there will be traditional Lombok music accompanying their problems. The atmosphere will be more visible. And sound more lively using commentators who use loudspeakers as a result holistic events as more excite and exciting.

The fighters that the tourists watch are certainly not ordinary fighters because they are the best chose sasak tribe themselves. Not only base on the excellent physique of the two fighters. But also extra guts because this martial arts belongs to the category of extreme. And challenging sports so that the level of danger is higher. Quite often also the fighters have to be seriously injure while doing this sport. In fact, this martial art is one of the traditional ceremonies that is also a way to ask for rain. It is say that the heavier the rain that falls is because the more blood is she. So it is relatively terrible, right?

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