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Bali, Menjangan, Mimpi Dive

Bali, Menjangan, Mimpi Dive


Owned and managed by mimpi group, the Mimpi Dive Center in Menjangan is operated under affiliation with PADI R-6434. Like any dive operation of Mimpi, it is site-based with expertise to cover all Bali’s northwest sites. Dedicated team, well-maintained equipment and passion to quality is combined to put safety on top. Being located in easy access to all major sites in the area, diving is convenient and rewarding. Staying at the resort gives an advantage of enabling to make early morning dive before all other day-trip divers from the south arrive to crowd. Daily boat dive arrangement is made to go to the protected Menjangan island. Boat is arranged to depart at 09:00 am after breakfast directly from the resort’s gazebo jetty. It takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the island. For two dives, arrival back to the resort is approximately 02:00 pm so an ample of time is still available to enjoy the resort. Diving to Bali’s fame macro sites Secret Bay and Puri Jati is arranged by car. Unlike diving to menjangan island, shallow shore dives applies in both sites. Late afternoon dive or night dive is mostly arranged to Mimpi Channel, a narrow entrance channel connecting the resort’s secluded bay to open water which is reachable by a short 5 minutes boat ride. The dive center is open from 07:00 am to 08:00 pm. To facilitate arrangement, newly-arrived divers are firmly advised to visit the dive center to make pre-arrangement of the following day trip.

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