Bali’s Most Beautiful and Cool Nature Tourism

Bali Tourism – Bali Island as a famous tourist destination in Indonesia, has many attractions that make tourists always want a vacation to Bali. One of the attractions of the island of Bali as a tourism area lies in the natural beauty in the form of white sand beaches, lakes, mountains, protected forests, rivers, and green rice fields.

To make it easier for you to get information about holiday activities in nature and natural attractions in Bali that are interesting to visit. So on this page we will provide information about bali’s most interesting natural attractions.

Bali’s Most Beautiful and Cool Nature Tourism

We already know a lot that Bali is the best tourist spot in the world that presents many things, especially from nature. Because of the high interest of tourists for a vacation to bali natural attractions. So many investors are engage in the natural tourism business, investing in the provision of holiday activities in nature. The natural attractions below we recommend for you to visit if you are vacationing on the island of the gods.

1.      Bedugul Botanical Garden

Bedugul Botanical Garden is located in Tabanan regency, this natural tourist spot offers an object that allows you to relax with your family, while enjoying the shady trees and cool mountainous air.

2.      Beratan Bedugul Lake

In addition to botanical gardens, Bedugul tourist attractions also offer the beauty of Bali’s natural attractions, namely the lake. This lake is calle Beratan lake and is very often use for the location of pre-wedding photos in Bali by professional photographers.

3.      Kintamani Attractions

Kintamani tourist attractions are very famous for the panoramic beauty of the mountains that combine with the view of Lake Batur. Cool air will always be felt when you visit kintamani tourist attractions.

Because Kintamani sangan attractions are popular with tourists, especially domestic tourists, many cheap tour package service providers to Bali, schedule their tour packages by visiting Kintamani attractions.

4.      Jatiluwih Tabanan Village

Terrace rice fields may often be seen in tourist magazines or brochures, then do you know tourist attractions that have the best views of terrace rice fields in Bali? The answer is in Jatiluwih Village, Tabanan Regency, Bali.

Jatiluwih terraced rice fields tourist attractions, less popular with terraced rice fields in Tegalalang Ubud. The reason is because the location of jatiluwih terraced rice fields is quite far from famous tourist attractions in Bali such as Ubud Bali tourist attractions.

But if you don’t mind to travel far and want to see the best views of terraced rice fields on the island of Bali, the choice is only one, Jatiluwih Tabanan Village Bali.

5.      Pandawa Beach

It feels incomplete if you vacation to the island of Bali without visiting the white sand beaches in Bali. One of the white sand beaches in Bali is a favorite of domestic tourists while on vacation to Bali is Pandawa beach. Pandawa beach is one of the best white sand beaches that you must visit.

Because the view of the beach is very beautiful. The sea water is very clear, even I can see the seabed when swimming. In addition, because the sea waves are very calm. I can swim safely without fear of being attracte by the ocean currents.

Every tourist who visits Pandawa Beach in Kutuh village, will be amaze by the beauty of the beach scenery. Upon arrival on the beach, you will see a stretch of beach as far as 1 kilometer. The texture of the sand is smooth and yellowish-white. There is no doubt, if Bali is one of the world’s surges. Come to Bali!

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