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Bali, Tulamben, Alam Batu Dive Center

Bali, Tulamben, Alam Batu Dive Center


„At the beginning there was water“, says an old Balinese legend. The underwater world in Bali is surprisingly rich in species, with more than 3.500 species discovered there. Bali is situated amidst Indonesian-Ocean currents. The water flows from the Pacific into the Philippines and in Southern direction to the Indian Ocean. With these bodies of water, plankton is being transported to the coral reefs all around Bali.

House Reef

Directly in front of “alamBatu” a wonderful and mostly untouched reef extends over 800 meters, boasting a fantastic underwater-world. Steep rock formations are overgrown with intact corals. Table-corals, soft-corals, sponges, sea-fans as well as black corals offer shelter and space for any kind of sea-creatures.

Schools of fish, dolphins, pot whales, ocean sunfish or sharks are not uncommon during dives.

You can also comfortably snorkel at the house reef.

Dive Spots

Closely situated dive spots offer large sandy areas and are a true “critter Eldorado” for macro divers and photographers.

Dive Base

The dive base is under German management and offers every comfort. High-quality equipment, nitrox (Nitrox EAN 32) and a specially furnished camera room leave little to be desired.

Dive Courses

Dive courses are offered according to PADI guidelines – from “PADI Open Water Diver” to “PADI Divemaster”.


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