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Baliem Valley Festival, Wamena

Baliem Valley Festival, Wamena

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n the central mountain of Irian Jaya, lies a grand valley with 72 km long and 16 – 31 km wide, inhabited by Neolithic warrior and farmer, the Dani Tribes and other sub tribes of Yali and Lani with their complex and primitive cultures, which looks more like “stone age” cultures.

Welcome to the beautiful Baliem Valley.

We will take you to experience an exciting adventure by exploring the Baliem Valley and the unique, primitive traditions and way of live of the tribes who live in the valley.

Baliem valley it self is located in Wamena regency in Irian Jaya, West Papua which is well known as the home of the Dani tribes.To reach this area, you have to fly from Jakarta or Bali to Jayapura (the capital province of Irian Jaya / Papua), and then fly from Jayapura to Wamena. We can fly from Jakarta to Jayapura and then from Jayapura to Wamena in the same day.

This valley has been the most visited part of the island, especially in recent years. The Dani Tribe speak related Papuan, or non – Austronesian language and live in the high central range of Papua Island, the most eastern province of Indonesia.

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