Baliem Valley, The Hidden Gem in Papua

Indonesia is a country with many interesting cultures. Each city has its attractiveness and story. However, of many traditional cultures, there are in Indonesia, Baliem Valley is one of the most attractive ones. This valley is located high in the mountains of Central New Guinea. Getting it is not easy. However, when you reach this valley, you’ll learn and see many unique cultures that will be worth the trip.

More About the Valley

Baliem Valley or also known as the Grand Valley is one of the valleys people will find in the highlands of Papua. Unlike other valleys in Indonesia, this valley is still very traditional and inhabited by native people known as the Dani people. Despite being traditional, the Dani’s are now one of the best-known tribes in New Guinea.

After being opened in 1938, Baliem became more famous and known to other tribes and the world. As one of the most fertile locations in Papua, many people tried to snatch the area and make it their territory. This caused the Dani’s to fight against others and even against their selves. Luckily all these wars have come to an end after the valley developed.

Getting There

The only way to get to the valley is by reaching the town of Wamena first. People can get to Wamena by flight from Jayapura. However, to make sure you catch the nearest flight, it is best to ask the officers at Sentani Airport to get updated information.

After reaching Wamena, you can rent a car or travel to drive to the valley. There is also a public bus that you can hop on. However, the time is unexpected, therefore it is best to rent a car.

How to Get Around the Valley

As it is in the highlands, people will have to walk and hike to reach the valley. Even though the trip can be a bit tiring but through the journey, people can witness traditional moments such as ceremonies and markets. To make sure that visitors feel comfortable throughout the trip, make sure to wear comfortable footwear and clothing.

It is also important to know that there are not many restaurants available in the valley. Therefore, people should bring their meals and snacks during their trip. However, if you want to try some traditional foods, the tour guide can help negotiate with the local people.

Things to Do at Baliem Valley

Despite being a traditional valley, there are plenty of things to do in this valley that will give you an unforgettable experience. If you’re planning to come, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Watch Baliem Festival: tribes from different villages come to a certain festival ground and perform their dances and races against each other.
  • Explore the Valley: Explore and hike through the valley to see natural beauty
  • Peak Traditional Houses: Check out where the Dani’s life

Overall, going to Baliem Valley will be a great journey that people will never forget. Other than visiting Papua, people will get new experiences such as meeting new people to trying new foods. So, if you’re looking for something new, make sure to come to this valley.

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