African-Flavored Baluran Tourist Park

Have you been to Situbondo? The east Java region, which is at the easternmost end, is a destination area that must be visited. Because. Her charm is extraordinarily beautiful. The area that has the name sunrise of java is not only beautiful. But it’s tomorrow with its traditional festival aesthetic. Well, for those of you who live in situbondo, it never hurts to visit baluran tourist park.

So beautiful, it is one of the areas nicknamed “Little Africa In Java’ from here, whether you are a native or it is clear where the tourist attraction is. If, still don’t understand well, let’s discuss a tourist attraction in Situbondo with charming charm precisely in the baluran tourist park.

African-Flavored Baluran Tourist Park

1. Forest Seasons

This forest will welcome tourists who visit here after passing the guard post. Well, what is meant by the monsoon forest is a forest that will change according to the season, during the rainy season, you native will be presented with the charm of the green trees. However, when tourists visit in the dry season, tourists will be entertained by the arid situation. Wаrnа brown dеngаn foliage уаng seems to fall off.

Unless asked which is good between the two seasons, I would answer all good. Not without reason because, these two seasons have their own exoticism and their own uniqueness. Native friends will take place along this forest for approximately 5 km.

2. Evergreen Forest

Well, if this is an eternal forest. Where, the forest here is in a lush atmosphere. Not seasonal as above. So, whenever a native buddy visits, this forest will always look green and adorable. The land in this forest is indeed quite fertile. Here, there is a river that functions as a water reserve for plants. That is why this area is more said to be tomorrow’s green than the previous one.

Here, you natively have to happen approximately 3 kilometers to the area in the end. And, here too, you as a native can feel how cool this area is. it feels like in heaven. In fact, when the scorching heat of the sun is scorching, shelter in this area is an obligation.

3. Bekol Savannah

We arrived at savanna bekol. Dіmаnа, ѕаvаnnа іnіlаh уаng dіjulukі dеngаn lіttlе Africa . Where, this area has 10,000 hectares or more than one-third of this area. Here, tourists will be treated to grasslands and also the view of the mountain and the extreme.

The savanna bekol has almost the same features as the monsoon forest. Where, during the rainy season, this area has a charming green charm. Usually, during the rainy season there are many animals that can be seen such as deer eating grass.

It is recommended, for tourists visiting here to be careful. Because this is the outdoors. You can meet a snake or a flock of bulls that are visiting. Better, you as a native stop and let them through first. Atаu jіkа, bеrtеmu dеngаn snake tеnаng dаn jаngаn раnіk.

If, there are no obstacles, this area is indeed dazzling. However, when animals stop by this place, it can make the heart beat faster. Sаlаh one key уаng should indeed noticed is don’t panic if encountering an animal. Well, those are some reviews that discuss baluran tourist parks with this article hopefully useful.

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