Bandung Tourism Attractions That Again Hits

Bandung tourism has always been a favorite destination for Indonesians to vacation or just spend time on weekends. In addition to the cool weather. Bandung has many unique and interesting tourist attractions to visit. Starting from natural tourism, educational tourism, cultural tourism, historical tourism, to culinary tourism, everything is in the city of Bandung.

Many bandung tourist attractions are popular in the community. Moreover, Bandung is known as a region that has mountainous topography with cool air that is suitable for unwinding. No wonder if Bandung tourist attractions are a prima donna for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Bandung Tourist Attractions That Again Hits

1.      Lembang Park & Zoo

Bandung tourist attractions hits 2021 this one can be enjoyed by the whole family, visitors can meet and interact with animals. One of the favorite places is the Bird Aviary which consists of various types of beautiful birds.

2.      Ciwidey White Crater

Located in the highlands of Bandung, the cool atmosphere immediately greets when entering the Kawah Putih area. For those who have never been here, you must come to see firsthand the blue beauty of the crater. The location is in Sugihmukti, Pasir Jambu. For the entrance ticket price of Rp48 thousand.

3.      Orchid Forest Cikole

Orchid lovers must come here, here are available 20 types of orchid plants that will spoil your eyes. Towering pine trees add to the beauty of this place. In addition there is a golf course, rabbit area, and a bridge that lights up at night. The location is in Genteng, Cikole, Lembang with an entrance ticket price of Rp40 thousand.

4.      Tahura Ir. H. Djuanda

Being in Dago, Bandung you can enjoy the atmosphere of the forest without having to go out of the city. The beautiful atmosphere of Tahura inj is a favorite place for tourists and even bandung residents themselves. It is located at Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No.99, Ciburial, Cemenyan. With an entrance ticket price of Rp15 thousand.

5.      The Great Asia Africa

In line with Farmhouse Lembang, The Great Asia Africa provides instagramable photo facilities with a unique concept. You can take photos with hanbok complete with Korlrea house, kimono from Kyoto Japan, Moroccan walls, and many more.

6.      Orchid Forest Cikole

As the name implies, Orchid Forest Cikole is filled with more than 20,000 types of orchids in the middle of a lush pine forest. Not only that, this Bandung tourist spot is also famous for its beautifully lit suspension bridge at night. You can also enjoy a variety of culinary in restaurants around Orchid Forest Cikole while breathing fresh air.

7.      Cai Ranca Upas Village

Cai Rancas Upas Village is a tourist spot in Bandung that is famous as a camping area or campground. In addition to campgrounds, Ranca Upas also offers other interesting spots such as deer breeding, hot springs, archery, horse riding, outbound, and kids zones. No need to worry, to enter Ranca Upas there is no need to bring an antigen or PCR test, but make sure you have the COVID-19 vaccine, yes!

Where are you going today?

Thus the recommendation of Bandung tourist attractions hits 2022 which can be a reference for your vacation. Prepare a complete provision, especially the camera to capture your holiday moments. Well, don’t forget to visit various other tourist attractions also in Bandung!!

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