Visit to Bandung Aesthetics Tourist Beach

Bandung tourism is one of the cities that is famous for its elite campus, cold places, various old buildings, and other tourist attractions. There are many natural attractions and also historical places that can be visited. Not only has a historic building, Bandung also has a beach that turns out to be no less good.

Well, there are some of the most beautiful beaches that you can visit while on vacation to this Bandung City. Let’s see what beach tours are near the city of Bandung.

Visit to Bandung Aesthetics Tourist Beach

1.      Karapyak Beach

Kerapyak Beach is one of the beaches located with Ujung Kulon National Park, this beach has a natural panorama that is very similar to ketepeng marine tourism in Bandungraharjo, Jepara. The charm of this beach has been visited by many tourists because it is the most romantic beach.

Karapyak itself is also still unknown to the public. No wonder if this beach has a natural beauty that is still beautiful and also clean. The price of admission to Karapyak beach itself is ranging from 10 thousand rupiah to 180 thousand rupiah depending on the vehicle used. You can visit this beach whenever you want, because Karapyak has opening hours of up to 24 hours.

2.      Santolo Beach

Marine tourism close to Bandung is Santolo Beach which is famous for having a good view. Santolo has a very beautiful ocean view decorated with white sand, blue-blue green sea water and also a large collection of stones. To take this beach, you have to travel about 4 to 5 hours from the city center.

This beach is one of the hidden marine wsata so that the beach area looks more beautiful. As one of the places where fishermen make a living, the Santolo area will sell a variety of grocery stores in the coastal area. There are many sellers of fish souvenirs, shirt shirts, hats, pants to umbrellas typical of Santolo himself.

3.      Rancabuaya Beach

Who doesn’t know the movie Paper Boat? The film, which sold well a few years ago, took place shooting on rancabuaya beach. This beach offers a variety of very beautiful tourism panoramas in Garut Regency. No wonder if this beach is one of the holiday destinations that are suitable to visit together with loved ones.

Panorama owned by Rancubuaya beach is able to bind local and foreign tourists to come to visit. Rancabuaya has a clear waterfall and can make para pengunjungnya betah untuk berlama lama. Harga tiket yang ditawarkan pun sangat murah yaitu berkisar dari 5 ribu rupiah per orang.

4.      Heulang Darling Beach

If you want to come to visit this beach, you have to pass through a variety of steep roads. To reach this location you have to travel about up to 5 hours from the center of Bandung City. But when you visit this beach, you will be spoiled with a view of the beach that is second to none.

This beach has a rock bar that juts into the sea. You can enjoy the beauty of sunrise on this beach. Naturally, there are many visitors who come to Sayang Heulang Beach. This beach is located in mancaghar area, Pameungpeuk Garut regency. You only need to spend about 10 thousand rupiah to be able to enjoy the beauty of this beach in Bandung.

Where are you going on vacation today?

There are many more marine tours that you can visit in the area near Bandung. Of course, you can visit together with your family, relatives and loved ones. Not only marine tourism that can be used as a destination for vacation, there are many more tourist destinations that are a pity to miss when visiting Bandung. So have you prepared a vacation destination in Bandung?

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