How to Choose a Bandung Travel Package Easily

Bandung has always been a favorite tourist destination for many people. The reason is, this area has a beautiful panorama, cool air, and also various tourist attractions. In addition, Bandung will also offer a variety of dishes with distinctive flavors. Not only that, Bandung also has tours that are no less interesting than other cities in West Java. Therefore, we will provide a little information related to how to choose a Bandung travel package.

To get to Bandung, you can use various modes of transportation. One of the transportations that are often chosen by tourists is the Jakarta Bandung trip. However, before choosing a Bandung travel package, you should pay attention to the following tips.

How to Choose a Bandung Travel Package Easily

1. Find the Nearest Pool Location

Usually, travel fleets depart on time from several pools to pick up prospective passengers. Therefore, you have to find the departure location closest to your residence or office. These tips also apply to the selection of a pool at the destination, namely Bandung.

You have to make sure the pool is close to the inn or place to eat. So, you can rest first before continuing your journey to your destination.

2. Check the Credibility of Travel Agents

Are you traveling on weekends or the holiday season? Be careful; travel tickets at that event ran out faster than on a normal day. That’s why, you have to book your ticket online a few days before embarkation. But, make sure the website where to buy bus tickets online has credibility. You can show its credibility through other people’s recommendations, such as customer testimonials and ratings.

In addition, checking the quality of travel agents can also be checked through social media accounts. If there are many positive comments, it means that travel can maintain customer trust.

The existence of an offline office can also be your consideration in choosing travel. If the travel is trustworthy, it usually lists an address that knows. You must immediately check the office address to confirm the existence of a travel agent. Not only that, credible travel agents must have a wide network. If necessary, choose an agent who is already in the association.

3. Choose an Early Embarkation Hour

The journey from Jakarta to Bandung takes about 3-4 hours. If you go through the toll road, it only takes a distance of 2 hours and 3 minutes. Nevertheless, there are exclusive places that become points of stagnation of traffic. Usually, stagnation occurs when people leave and leave work.

As a solution, you can choose the embarkation hour in the early hours of the morning or after eight o’clock in the morning. Generally, people start going to work at exactly 06.00-08.00 WIB. Meanwhile, the time to get off work starts at 16.00-18.00 WIB.

4. Check the State of the Travel Fleet

Each agent uses a different type of vehicle for the travel fleet. As a standard, choose travel that provides a well-maintained fleet, good performance, and there is also a guarantee of safety. Check also the inside of the fleet; make sure all the facilities offered are in accordance with the price. Also ask the travel agent regarding the implementation of health protocols in the fleet during the pandemic.

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5. Find Out What’s Prohibited and Allowed During the Trip

For things that are prohibited, for example, namely carrying stinging-scented foods. Travel cabins generally use air conditioning (AC). If your food smells pungent, it is automatically easily spread to all cabins.

This scent can make other passengers feel uncomfortable. You are also prohibited from tuning music or watching movies by hardening your phone’s speakers. The reason is, it can disturb passengers who want to rest and disturb the driver’s concentration. That’s how to choose a Bandung travel package with the 5 reviews above hopefully useful, especially for those who want to travel to Bandung using a fleet.

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