Bangka Island, The Island of Stunning Beaches

Indonesia is one of the countries that have many beautiful islands with many stunning beaches. Other than Bali, one of the islands that are known to have a variety of beauty is Bangka Island. As the ninth-largest island in Indonesia, people can find many stunning beaches on the island that will make your jaw drop. It also has many other attractions and tourists spot that is worth the visit.

How to Get to Bangka

Getting to Bangka is very easy. There are plenty of planes that fly directly from Bangka to Surabaya or Jakarta. Normally every day there is a direct flight to Bangka, however, the latest is only up to 3 pm. After arriving at Bangka, it is best to rent a car, so you can travel to all the great beaches on the island.

Places to Visit

After arriving on the island, make sure to make a list of destinations that you want to visit. Therefore, you don’t waste your time on the road! If you’re confused about where to go, here are some of the best spots you can consider:

1. Matras Beach

One of the beautiful spots that people can visit is Matras Beach. The beach is in the village of New Light, which is in the Northeast of Bangka Island. The attractive part of this beach is the white sands, clear sea, and tall palm trees. The scenery becomes even better with surrounding rocks and boats around the beach.

2. Hakkok Beach

Another beach on the list is Hakkok Beach. Located 40 km from the airport, visitors can enjoy a stunning view of the rocky beach with crystal clear water. If you get you can also go further into the sea by hopping on the rocks inside. However, make sure to be careful about the waves because sometimes they can get high.

3. Dinding Batu Beach

If you happen to be in Belinyu Town, then try to take a 4 km ride to Dinding Batu Beach. People call this the Dinding Batu Beach because of the big granite decorating the coastline, which also makes it unique. Unlike the beaches before, this beach is quite far from the crowd. Therefore, you can have a relaxing time waiting for sunset on this beach.

4. Botanical Garden

Other than the beach, there is also a botanical garden that people can visit. The garden that people also call BB is in Tembaran Village. In this garden, people can see green plants and tall trees that cover the whole area. Other than walking in the garden, visitors can also do some agro activities such as farming to animal husbandry.

As most of the spots are in an open space, the entrance fee is mostly free. If there is an entrance fee, it normally costs only Rp 20.000 per person.

Best Time to Come

To enjoy the beautiful scenery, it is best to come to Bangka Island in the dry seasons. Therefore, you can enjoy the beach without heavy rain. As for those looking for stunning sceneries, then make sure to arrive at the beach around 3 pm, before the sunsets!

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