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Banten, Rafting Ciberang River

Banten, Rafting Ciberang River


This river upstream is located in Halimun National Park and showcases a spectacular landscape. The exploration starts in Kampung Muara, a part of Lebak Regency, and the length of exploration is about 12-15 km.

Ciberang River is different from any other rivers in Java, due to its clear and fresh water. It is also still possible to found untouchable forests and the unique Java eagles flying high above the forest areas around the river. In the exploration of Ciberang River, you will find a stoney area which is the remains of volcanic eruption. This area gives a unique touch to the river view and also to the complicated form of the river streams. So far, the river has only been explored for white water rafting tourism activities. At the down stream of the river, you can enjoy natural hot shower that is believed to benefit our health and cure various diseases.

Start : Muara Village, Lebak District

Finish : Leui Bujal – Cipanas; Lebak District

Length of Trip : 12-15 km, 3-4 hours trip

Class of River : 3-4

Access : Asphalt

Nearest Airport : Jakarta (3 hours)

Facilities : Guest houses, restaurants, restrooms, telephone lines

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