Boom Banyuwangi Beach Attractions That Attract Tourists

Banyuwangi or commonly known as the sunrise of java because this regency is located in East Java Province. The nickname was obtained because Banyuwangi Regency has a tourist location that is used to see the aesthetics of the sunrise. Therefore, Banyuwangi itself has many tourist destinations such as the Banyuwangi beach boom tour which can attract the hearts of tourists to visit because it has a very charming beach.

One of the best places in Banyuwangi to be able to enjoy the aesthetics of sunrise is Boom Beach Banyuwangi. The beach that faces east is very famous to foreign tourists. This beach is one of the marine tourism in Banyuwangi that has an international certificate. Well, for those of you who are planning to take a vacation, try to go to the banyuwangi beach boom tour there you will be spoiled with sunrise, of course, it will make you feel at home.

Boom Banyuwangi Beach Attractions That Attract Tourists

For those of you who want to make a visit to Boom Beach, you must first know accurate information related to the place. Here are some reviews about this beautiful beach that are expected to help you.

Boom Beach’s Attractions

This beach is one of the beaches located in Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Every Year this charming beach is usually crowded with local and foreign tourists. This boom beach is one of the destinations that many tourists visit for vacations and look forward to the moment when the sun appears in the morning.

1. Has Many Privileges

Boom Beach is located in a strategic place located in the center of Banyuwangi City. This beach is very close and is only located 20 km from Banyuwangi international airport. This beach is the only one that has the most complete facilities. Existing facilities such as, marine lounge, restaurant, yacht club, dryberth facilities, private resort facilities, other facilities.

This beach is one of the favorite places for tourists who visit and want to see the sunrise, this is adjusted to the nickname of Banyuwangi City as the sunrise of java. From the location of this beach you can see the aesthetics of the island of Bali. This tourist spot is often used to host various international festivals.

2. Beach Aesthetics

Beaches are usually famous for having sand that is white or golden yellow. However, the sand at Boom Banyuwangi Beach has a dark gray graded black color. The shiny black sand on this beach, rumored to have a percentage of minerals that can cure bone diseases and skin diseases.

The calm waves on this beach are an attraction in itself, but you are not allowed to swim, because this beach is quite inside. Even so, you can still enjoy the beauty of this area while walking on the beach. On the beach, chairs with umbrellas have also been prepared to relax looking at the aesthetics of the beach.

3. Cultural Tourism

Those of you who visit the beach can not only enjoy the aesthetics of nature, but you can also enjoy cultural tours held by the residents of more or less the beach. One of the tourist convoys that you can enjoy the excitement is the sewu compulsive parade. Usually this cultural performance presents typical Banyuwangi dances danced by 1000 compulsive dancers.

Well, those are some reviews that discuss the banyuwangi beach boom tour with the explanation above hopefully useful.

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