Beauty and Coolness Owned by Banyuwangi Tourist Attractions

Banyuwangi tourist attractions have won the Excellence and Innovation in Tourism award at the United Nations World Tourism Organization. This proves that one of the districts in East Java is growing rapidly as a tourist destination.

In the past, Banyuwangi was only used as a transit point for tourists who want to vacation to Bali. But now, Banyuwangi has a number of interesting tours that you can visit, especially in 2022. Here are some travel recommendations in Banyuwangi that can be a reference for your vacation.

Beauty and Coolness Owned by Banyuwangi Tourist Attractions

  • Benculuk Post is famous for its exotic forest panorama like a fairyland. Especially if sunlight appears from the cracks of the tree, it is guarantee to make you amaze.
  • Blambangan Banyuwangi Park was originally a city square which was later develope as a Green Open Space (RTH) by the local government. Flanked by 4 main roads in Banyuwangi, namely Jl. Wahidin Sudiro Husodo, Jl. Veteran, Jl. RA Kartini, and Jl. Diponegoro, Blambangan Park is also often referre to as Taman Gesibu Blambangan.

Uniqueness of Banyuwangi Blambangan Tourism

This cheap tourist attraction can be accesse for free by visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Banyuwangi city. Blambangan Park has an area of 32,000 m2 with neatly arranged trees. You could say, this tourist attraction is a place of recreation for local residents. Here, visitors will find various sports facilities such as running tracks, basketball courts, and skateboarding areas.

  • Alas Purwo is the oldest forest in Java. In addition to being surrounde by dense trees, this place also has camping areas, savanna containing wild animals, to historical sites.
  • Bangsring Underwater is a favorite place for divers in Banyuwangi. This coral reef conservation place has a charming underwater garden.
  • Wurung Crater is a hidden gem around the Area of Mount Kawah Ijen. This place is in the form of hills with green and spacious meadows, very spoiling to the eyes.
  • Lider Waterfall natural conditions are still very beautiful. The splashing sound of the water can calm the mind, plus a stunning green view. Relax.
  • Sidodadi Reservoir has beautiful nature and is surrounde by mountains. Here, you can also try several games, ranging from ATVs, water ducks, to motor circuits.
  • Kalilo Selfie Bridge is an interesting place for photo lovers. It consists of colorful people’s houses with clean river views.
  • Red Island Beach is known for its sand color that will turn red at sunset. There is also a hill near the beach that can be visite on foot.
  • Green Bay in the form of a beach with beautiful green sea water color. The sand of the beach is smooth and thick, the scenery is so charming.
  • If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach and mangrove forests, come to Mangrove Bedul Ecotourism. Exploring nature by boat will be an unforgettable experience.


As the largest district in East Java Province, Banyuwangi is currently one of the popular tourist destinations. Did you know that this city located on the eastern end of Java island turns out to hold a million charms that are unusually beautiful?

Directly adjacent to the Bali strait, most visitors who come just pass by before crossing to the Island of the Gods. If you have time, try to stop for a while and explore this small town nicknamed The Sunrise of Java. The area is quite diverse, from lowlands to highlands, mountainous and coastal areas, as well as historical locations and other ancient heritage sites.

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