Belitung Island, 5 Best Places to Visit Here

When you talk about Belitung Island, the main thing that comes to mind is the Laskar Pelangi movie. This movie manages to tell the story of pursuing children’s dreams as well as showing the beauty of Belitung’s nature. No wonder this is one of the places that must be on your list of tourist destinations.

For those of you who have vacation plans in Belitung, this island offers quite a lot of tourist destinations that you can visit. For example, beaches, lakes, to museums. If you want to know what are the top tourist destinations on Belitung Island, here is the review:

1. Tanjung Tinggi Beach

This beach has become one of the icons of tourism in Belitung. This is because this beach became one of the shooting locations for the popular film “Laskar Pelangi”.

The hallmark of this tourist attraction is the presence of very large granite stones on the beach with fine white sand. If you want to visit this beach, you have to buy a ticket for IDR 10,000 per person.

2. Lengkuas Island

The attraction of this island is the existence of a lighthouse that still stands strong even though it is more than a century old. You can try to climb to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the sea from a height.

In addition, this Belitung tourist destination also has beautiful beaches with exotic granite expanses. You will not be charged an entrance fee when visiting this beautiful island. However, you need to pay IDR 5,000 if you want to climb to the top of the lighthouse.

3. Kaolin Lake

This lake has a bright blue lake surface with contrasting white land. No wonder many people come to this lake to take selfies. Then, this lake has a lot of mineral content which is often the raw material for making cosmetics

Therefore, many people believe that washing your face or swimming in this lake is good for skin beauty. The entrance ticket to Kaolin Lake per person is only IDR 10,000.

4. Kata Museum

This is the first literature museum in Indonesia. You can see a collection of the Laskar Pelangi film and various works by Andrea Hirata in this museum. In addition, Andrea Hirata built this museum to inspire children and youth in Gantong village to develop their artistic talents.

Until now this museum is still a favorite tourist spot on Belitung Island. The entrance fee to this museum is IDR 50,000 and you will get Andrea Hirata’s book or a CD of songs from OST Laskar Pelangi.

5. Tanjung Kelayang Beach

This beach consists of two parts, the west and the east. In the west, you can see clusters of granite and in the east; there is a beautiful stretch of white sand. On this beach, you can do many activities, such as diving, swimming, sunbathing, and even fishing.

This is because Tanjung Kelayang Beach has a long coastline and calm waters. The entrance price to this beach is very cheap, you only need to pay IDR 8,000 per person.

Now you know 5 tourist destinations on Belitung Island that you must visit. Starting from the famous Tanjung Tinggi beach, the relaxing island of Lengkuas, to the Kata Museum that gives you new knowledge. All of these tourist destinations will offer a very memorable holiday experience.

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