Berastagi Tourist Attractions That Are Suitable To Relieve Your Confusion

Talking about tourist destinations in North Sumatra is synonymous with Medan, Samosir and Lake Toba. In fact, there is one other area that is no longer hidden and offers a typical Indonesian beauty, namely Berastagi. Believe me, this Berastagi tourism place deserves attention to be visited during the holidays.

For those who are curious about the place of Berastagi tourism and what holiday activities can be done, the author has collected a number of locations and activities for your vacation agenda there. Here are the recommendations:

Berastagi Tourist Attractions That Are Suitable To Relieve Your Confusion

1. Gundaling Hill, a fun spot to enjoy the splendor of Mount Sibayak

Want to be able to enjoy the splendor of Mount Sibayak and Mount Sinabung? One of the popular points to satisfy your eyes is in Gundaling Hill. Coupled with the cool air and the beautiful panorama of rice fields, time will take place imperceptibly here. You can also ride a horse around the hill.

2. Green and beautiful Kubu Hill

Bukit Kubu is where green grasslands meet and clear blue skies in Berastagi. The landscape of Bukit Kubu is perfect for those of you who like to have picnics and do outdoor activities.

Delman facilities are provided by the manager to go around casually. If you have already fallen in love with the typical scenery in Bukit Kubu, spend the night in the existing inn. It’s really comfortable!

3. Monument of Struggle, a monument that depicts the spirit of the people of Karo

Tugu Perjuangan with its beautiful ornaments is a cheap historical tourist location. Describing the struggle of the people of Karo, it is not afdol if you leave Berastagi without coming here.

The tactic of “Scorche Earth” became a symbol of struggle that was remembered throughout the ages, one of which was through the existence of the Struggle Monument. Not only that, but this monument is also cool to be immortalize.

4. Mount Sibayak, a hiking destination with various levels of difficulty

Mеndаkі Mount Sіbауаk will mеnjаdіkаn реngаlаmаn vacation in Bеrаѕtаgі more exciting.  The fun thing is, you can choose a hiking trail with various levels of difficulty. Shopping for groceries at the existing stalls can be done before climbing.

After that, you are free to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the village and the rocks that lie along the hiking trail. For sunrise hunters, it is mandatory to get up early because the sunrise view at the top of the mountain is really cool!

5. Raja Berneh Hot Springs, a tourist spot in Berastagi to enjoy a combination of warmth and coolness

In King Berneh, there are many hot springs. It is located at the foot of Mount Sibayak so you can soak while staring at the extraordinary scenery before your eyes. One of the famous bathing places is Pariban Hotspring or Pariban Hot Springs.

You can choose a pool with different variations in sulfur water temperatures. Lodging facilities to cafes make this place a complete tourist destination that is guarantee to be satisfying.

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6. Karo Heritage Museum, exploring the uniqueness of Karo culture

The Karo Heritage Museum must be visite to enrich your insights regarding Karo culture. Originally this museum building was a Catholic church and has been inaugurate since 2013. The museum building is still original and neatly arranged.

There are about 800 collections that include archaeological collections, literary works and a variety of traditional equipment. Although not all collections are on display due to limited space, you can still dig into many things about history here. Those are some of the recommendations for Berastagi tourism that the author has successfully summarized. From the explanation above, is there anything interesting for you to visit?

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