Most of The Best Malang Tourist Attractions

Best Malang Tourist Attractions – Who is not familiar with using the natural beauty of Batu City? Batu City is an error of one city found in East Java. This city is very famous for using its tourism potential since long ago. Once upon a time, Batu City was a resting place for the royal family, this is due to its latif natural charm, cool mountainous areas and fruits and vegetables that still exist in Batu City.

The city is surrounde by at least 8 mountains that rise into the sky. The city is locate on the foot and slopes of the mountain using an altitude of about 7000-1700 DPL. No wonder Stone City is very cool & very comfortable. With an area of approximately 202.30 km², most of the topographical state of Batu city is dominate by highland areas and valley-drenche hills locate on the slopes of 2 akbar mountains, namely Arjuno-Welirang and Butak-Kawi-Panderman.

Most of The Best Malang Tourist Attractions

In the batu city area, which is locate to the north of the city center there is still a dense forest that is a protecte forest, namely Raden Soerjo Forest Park. This time will invite children to tourist attractions batu Malang interesting & nir we can miss. Tourist attractions in Batu are very diverse, ranging from history, retail, education, to natural attractions.

Malang Stone Tourist Attractions

At least there are tourist destinations batu Malang that you can visit, here are among them:

Stone Night Spectacular

The first Batu Malang tourist attraction is an amusement vehicle that is one of the favorite sites to spend time together, namely BNS which is an acronym base on Batu Night Spectacular.

This tourist attraction is locate in Oro-oro Ombo Village, close to Jatim Park two. No wonder if the residents of Batu and tourists who arrive here are very entertaine and feel at home for a long time here, there are so many entertaining game facilities, there are still dozens of exciting game facilities, such as ghost galleries, slalom tests, air bikes, lantern gardens, and trampolines. There are also various means that test adrenaline, such as drag races & mouse coasters.

Not only for young people and adults, here there is also still a means to play children, Kids Zone, which has 25 facilities. At Batu Spectacular Night, you can also enjoy music platforms featuring traditional music and art.

BNS operates at night, from 15.00 – 24.00.

Jatim Park 2

The concept of Jatim Park two carries the concept of learning natural sciences, biology, and animal learning. In the jatim park area two which stands on an area of 14 hectares, there is a Batu Secret Zoo zoo, a unique Tree Inn inn, and an animal museum whose building resembles the State Palace. In Jatim Park 2, there are still about 50 educational facilities and 21 kinds of special children’s areas.

There is also an insectarium containing 5000 species of insects from various countries. In the museum, you can find 80 animal dioramas from many countries.

Jatim Park 1

Well this is a batu Malang tourist attraction that cannot be misse, Jatim Park 1. Jatim Park 1 is one of the favorite attractions in Batu Malang because there are still a lot of game and entertainment rides that we can feel. Jatim Park 1

The location of this Batu Malang tourist attraction is on the slopes of Mount Panderman, approximately 20 km from the city of Malang, precisely locate on Jl. Kartika No. two, Batu.

Unmitigate, there are still 36 interesting game rides for us to try, such as Volcano Coaster, Pendulum, Air Borne Shot, & Sky Swinger. In Jatim Park 1 there is also still a waterbom, Galeri Nusantara which is like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, a 3D cinema.

For the science center, there is a chemical and biology science center, outdoor science center, and learning gallery. Jatim Park 1 is also equippe with various facilities, such as food & beverage outlets, Tourist Markets, Fruit Markets, Vegetable Markets and Flower Galleries. There are also mosques, clinics, nursery rooms, toilets, and parking spaces.  Jatim Park 1 is open daily from 08.30 – 16.30.

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