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West Kalimantan, Betung-Kerihun-National-Park, Introduction 2


Introduction 2


Interesting locations/attractions:

The Muller Range: this forms part of the national border. Mt. Kerihun and Mt. Betung are good places for climbing.
Tekelan, Sibau, Mendalam, Embaloh, Kanyau rivers: kayaking/canoeing, observing animals and plants, and cultural tourism.
Riam Lapan and Riam Matahari: hardy souls can test their whitewater rafting skills on numerous rapids, rated at class III-IV in difficulty, climaxing at class V in Riam Matahari.
Sedik, Batang Pilung and Jaan rivers: waterfalls, observing animals and plants, and cultural tourism.
Tanjung Lokang: located in the western part of the Park, there are steep slopes and limestone caves suitable for caving. Also sites of cultural interest.

Best time of year to visit: September to December.

How to reach the Park: Pontianak-Putussibau by four wheel drive, about 18 hours; or by small plane (Cessna), about 2.5 hours. Then, from Putussibau along the Kapuas, Sibau and Mendalam rivers by semi-longboat, about 5 hours, or alternatively, from Putussibau up the Kapuas and Embaloh Hulu rivers by speed boat, about 3 hours; and then up the Embaloh Hulu river by semi-longboat, about 9 hours.

total area of 800,000 hectares
Temperature 21-ª – 28-ª C
Rainfall 2,800 – 5,500 mm/year
Altitude 150 – 2,000 m asl.
Geographical location 112-ª18′ – 114-ª12′ E; 0-ª35′ – 1-ª34′ N
Accessibility : There are 3 ways to reach this area.
1. From Putussibau through the Kapuas River, the Sibau river and the Menyakan River by a semi long boat 8 hours.
2. From Putsuuibau goes along the Kapuas river and the Embaloh Hulu river for 3 hours by speed boat and transit by using motor boat (motor temple) to Embaloh Hulu (Benua Matinus valley) for + 2 days.
3. From Putussibau through Kapuas river to Bungan (a small village) by semi long boat for 8 hours.
Note: During dry season, especially in January or August the journey to the park will be longer.
This Park is the sister park to the Lanjak Entimau Nature Reserve in Sarawak. The diffrent type of ecosystem and the variety of its topography makes this park very unique. The three types of rainforest from the lowland to the upland described the variety of the flora of this park.
The dominant fauna in the park is the Orang Utan (Pongo pygmaeus) and the dominant bird is the Hornbill. The Dayak – the hinterland people of Kalimantan live around this park. One of their unique habit is to make ” Tattoo ” on their skin.

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