The Most Hits Biak Island Destinations Visited

Indonesia is known as a maritime country as well as an archipelago. A variety of islands with the surrounding sea stretching widely from Sabang to Merauke. And now, you will be invited to enjoy tourist destinations in eastern Indonesia! Precisely in the area of Biak Island. For that, we will get to know him more closely!

Biak Numfor is one of the regencies in papua province. This place is located in the Bay of Cenderawasih which is indeed directly opposite to the Pacific Ocean, which is to the north of it, namely the mainland of Papua. Its unspoiled and rarely touched natural aesthetics is a plus point for this place.  Now we will invite you to explore Biak Island.

The Most Hits Biak Island Destinations Visited

You’ve imagined the beauty, right? Both in terms of culture and tourist destinations that are no less interesting than other places are ready to spoil your eyes! For more details, then look at the full review of each tourist attraction in Biak Nukfor below.

1. Wafsarak Waterfall

Who can’t bear to want to splash, if you have seen such abundant water? Well, Wasfarak waterfall is perfect for travelers who are very fond of water. It is located not too far from the city center so it doesn’t take much time to get to the place. The difference in natural meaning can be felt in this place, even surrounded by shady trees.

This waterfall has its own charm, namely the white stone which at first glance looks like limestone. The cleanliness is also unquestionable. Because this area is still rarely touched by tourists. Just prepare 35,000 per group, then you can enjoy the beauty.

2. Bosnik Beach

This beach has another name, namely Segara Beach is beautiful, however, it is better known to the people as Bosnik Beach. This beach presents a very beautiful panorama for the eye to see. Therefore, this beach is never empty of visitors because it is always the first reference for travelers.

The coral reefs on this beach are no less beautiful than other beaches in Indonesia. Tourists can also relax in the afternoon and enjoy the sinking of the sun with a fresh young coconut treat. Even here, tourists can also snorkel, but they must stay in the monitoring, because the current on this beach is very fast.

3. Samares Blue Lake

As the name implies, Telaga Biru Samares has blue water because it is so clear. Moreover, if the water is exposed to sunlight, then the blue will be even thicker. This lake is located in the middle of the forest and its accessibility does have to pass through roads that go up and down.

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The tourists who stop by here, they will spend their time snorkeling or diving while enjoying the beauty of the underwater nature which is indeed clear. But do not be surprised, if the water in this lake is brackish water, because it is in the mixture of fresh and salt water.

This lake has a depth of approximately 14 meters. This lake has another nickname with the Biak language, namely the Wopersnondi lake. This is a combination of two words, namely “Woper” and “Snon”. Woper means to jump and Snon means man. So Wopersnondi means a man who jumps. That’s, some reviews that discuss about the biak island with the 3 tours above hopefully can help you in visiting the biak island.

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