Bintan Island, 5 Tourist Destinations That You Must Visit Here

Bintan Island is one of the popular tourist destinations on the border of Indonesia and Singapore. This island is located in the capital of the Riau Archipelago Province. Since a long time ago, this island is the gateway for foreign traders to Indonesia.

Even today, this island is still one of the favorite tourist destinations for foreign tourists. Although the island is less popular than Bali, Bintan offers unbeatable natural attractions. The following are 5 tourist destinations on Bintan Island that you must visit:

1. Bukit Pasir Busung and Blue Lake

These two Bintan tourist destinations are located close to each other. Bukit Pasir Busung is a hill formed from mining activities that are no longer active.

Meanwhile, Blue Lake is a lake whose water is blue due to the effects of former mining. Both of these tourist destinations are very beautiful and instagramable, so for those of you who like to take pictures, you can come here. It is an affordable tourist destination as there is no entry fee.

2. Pengudang Beach

This beach gets the nickname the hidden beauty of the Riau Archipelago. This is because not many people know about the existence of this beach. This beach has a beautiful and enchanting view.

The sand on this beach is white with slightly turquoise blue water. Then, there are brown rocks with green trees around which add to the beauty of this beach. Moreover, you can enjoy this beach for free.

3. Treasure Bay

This tourist destination in Bintan Island is very popular because it has the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia. Crystal Lagoon at Chill Cove is part of the 800 meters wide Treasure Bay. Ticket prices vary from IDR 120,000 to IDR 750,000 per person. This place contains saltwater, which at first glance looks more like a beach than a swimming pool.

Apart from swimming, you can also try a paddleboard or play in a giant buoy. Then, there are also ATV games, playing soccer and volleyball, trying out the Rodeo Bull, or riding two-wheelers.

4. Bintan Mangrove

Entering this mangrove forest area, you must be with a guide. You will ride a speedboat belonging to the local community, which is also often used by tourists to explore the beauty of the mangrove forest. Within an hour, you will enjoy the natural beauty of this forest.

The Bintan Mangrove tourist area has three zones, namely the salty, brackish, and fresh zones. Moreover, each zone has a different view. To see this exotic mangrove forest, you have to pay to start from IDR 380,000. The price includes a life jacket, drinking water, and speedboat facilities.

5. 1000 Statue of Buddha

Once you arrive at this monastery, you will see a Buddha statue with a magnificent architectural background like the Great Wall of China. Then, in the backyard of the monastery, you will find 500 hundred more Buddha statues that are neatly lined up and have different expressions. The entry ticket price per person is only IDR 5,000.

Here are 5 tourist destinations on Bintan Island that you must visit while on vacation. Although access to this island is quite difficult, all your efforts will pay off. You will get an experience that you will never forget if you visit these tourist destinations on this island.

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