It’s amazing!! Visit to Bondowoso Nature Tourism

Bondowoso Natural Attractions Is a small town and part of the Horseshoe region (Besuki karesidenan) in East Java which is located or surrounded by mountains and mountains. Also called “Tape City” from the point of view of its culinary icons.

While in terms of tourism, Bondowoso better known by the nickname “City of a Thousand Hills”, not without reason, the location of the city of Bondowoso surrounded by hills and mountains makes many natural-themed Bondowoso Natural Attractions located in the high-altitude area.

What You Know about Bondowoso Nature Tourism?

Most hill destinations in Bondowoso are on the path to Banyuwangi via the Ijen mountain road. Therefore, many tourist destinations are very easy to reach either from downtown Bondowoso or downtown Banyuwangi. Although quite close to the city center, the natural tourist destinations in Bondowoso always offer a view of preserved beauty and stunning exoticism.

The lack of pollution, both air and light makes this small town a target for tourists both at home and abroad when visiting East Java. The lack of light pollution also makes many photography activities such as modeling and astrophotography held here.

The natural beauty in Bondowoso is also often use as a prewedding spot even by influencers such as the green expanse of Wurung Crater. Some tours in Bondowoso also provide natural phenomena that are amazing steps to tourists, such as the natural phenomenon of Blue Fire in Ijen and the hot spring pool in Blawan.

There are so many tourist destinations in this small town, but this time Lets Go Hiking will review and recommend natural attractions that you must visit while in Bondowoso and it is a pity for you to miss.

It’s amazing!! Visit to Bondowoso Nature Tourism

1.      Wurung Crater

Before heading to Mount Ijen if you are from the direction of Bondowwloso will definitely find directions to the Wurung Crater tour. If you have never come to him or even new to it, this is one of the mandatory destinations that must be include in your travel list.

Wurung Crater is a destination known for its hills covere in green grasslands. As the name suggests, this area is indeed a crater area. It’s just not removing the contents of the earth’s stomach like the craters in general. Wurung Crater is surrounde by higher hills around it. Hence making this area look like a hill instead of a crater.

The location is located not too far from Ijen Crater. Or before Mount Ijen if you are from the direction of Bondowoso, precisely only about 10 km from Ijen tourism. The location can also be reache through downtown Banyuwang if you are in Banyuwangi.

2.      Blawan Waterfall

Often referred to as “Niagara Bondowoso”. Blawan Waterfall is downstream from the bitter river flow, which is located not far from the Ijen crater.  The charm of the magnificent waterfall with a large water discharge. Makes tourists pampered and makes you want to continue taking selfies.

The heavy gusts of waterfalls make the atmosphere there becomes fresher. Plus the location is at an altitude of +1000 meters above sea level. Making the fresh and beautiful air very thick felt. In addition, there are also hot springs containing sulfur and still maintained naturally. Sulfur is mostly use by tourists because of its content that is very good for skin health. Such is the article about bondowoso natural tourism. Good luck.

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