Bukit Temiangan West Lampung Address and Price of Admission

Bukit temiangan west lampung is a natural tourist destination that presents the beauty of trimulyo village scenery from above the height. Known as the country above the clouds is not without reason, lampung hill that provides charm like a charming cotton tub cloud in the morning, making anyone who sees and visits, as if it is above Kayangan.

No wonder it becomes an invasion of tourists every day. Then this kind of Bukit Lampung Tourism that cannot be seen one eye, because you have to look at it with full of beautiful exotics.

Bukit Temiangan West Lampung Address and Price of Admission

The question is, are you curious about what the tour looks like and the picture? here mimin has prepared more information, let’s see the hill temiangan west lampung following his summary:

Activities that can be done in his location

A variety of interesting and fun activities that you can do when visiting here. Here are some of the activities that many tourists do and of course the most awaited:

·         Looking at the charm of God’s beautiful creation, with a glance at the natural scenery

Seeing beautiful scenery is not just washing your eyes, but your brain will feel free from all the burdens of the mind that always haunts you.

The same thing with this language “The higher you climb, the better the scenery” Then this language is suitable for the destination of the country above the clouds of west lampung, namely temiangan hill. There is no time to get bored in such a beautiful world.

·         Hunting for Unique and Instagramable Photo Spots

One of the important things in visiting the tourist attractions of both the category of “nature” and “beach”, the most important main point is that you do not forget to take a good poto, especially choose a cool Baground option so that it supports rather than your photos.

·         Trying Ngecamp in Bukit Temiangan West Lampung

Here is the activity that is often done by young people on the hill temiangan is to try to spend the night or mix together. The above activities are very dominant and always carried out by most millennial children now, so it is not uncommon for you to visit in the early afternoon, so do not be surprised if you see a lot of colorful tents scattered throughout.

Therefore many who book in advance, what else when the long holidays arrive. Before renting, you need to know too. For the camp tent variant there are 3 types, ranging from size loads:

  1. Size 2 people: Rp. 40.000
  2. Size 3 people: Rp. 50.000
  3. Size 4 people: Rp. 60.000

·         Wake Up in the Morning To See The Thick Fog Like a Negri Above the Clouds

The radiance of dawn in the morning is a ray of spirit. A new spirit on a new day. Welcome to the morning with a smile and a good mood. Similarly, what emanates from this temiangan, when opening the tent slowly to slowly see in the future reveal how much fog surrounds your tents, and must be amazed how cool to look at.

Then no less exciting too, you can see the Sunrise or arunika appear above the horizon to the east. Which is certainly charming and elegant. Gosh.. how? Mimin’s explanation has made you interested in visiting? Welcome to visit.

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