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Kukup Beach, Yogyakarta

Kukup Beach

Kukup Beach located in Gunung Kidul. Can be reached from Yogyakarta approximately 1.5 to 2 hours. The access road to the beach is relatively good and well maintained alluvium. Known as the Nature Aquarium, since the number of ornamental fish in the beach, and the water is crystal clear. An alternative National Park, tourism object when we get bored with the atmosphere in Parangtritis. If Bali has Tanah Lot, then Jogja has Kukup Beach.

The beach is a beautiful coastal alluvium, composed of coral – coral and white sand. In the east, there is a large rock resembling a small island that is connected by a bridge. You can enjoy the scenic view of the existing substations in the rock.

If you want a challenge, you can try to search for ornamental fish around the coral on the shoreline. Although fish a lot, quite difficult to catch. Make sure you try a visit to the beaches in the east coast baron. But you must remain careful – careful because the waves at Kukup beach is quite large

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