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Lumbung Temple, Klaten, Central Java


Lumbung TempleLumbung temple is situated several hundred meters to the south of Sewu temple in the subdistrict of Klaten, Surakarta. It remains uncertain whether Lumbung is the temple’s real name or it is so called by the community around temple because its shape looks like a rice barn. The sacred Buddhist building is a cluster of temples consisting of 17 buildings, with the main temple placed in the center surrounded by 16 ancillary shrines. Blocks of andesite cover the temple’s court. The main temple, which is in ruined condition, is a polygon of 20 sides on a 350 m2 wide plan. The body of the temple stands about 2.5 m high on a stone base. The stair and entrance door are situated on the east side. The entrance door has a corbelled roof and tunnel to go into the temple’s interior. The outer side of the wall is adorned with finely carved sculptures of man and woman that resemble true human beings. The wall of the entrance door carries the sculptures of Kuwait and Hariti. There are three niches in which to place Dhyani Buddha statue on each of the north, west and south walls. But the nine niches are found empty. The main temple’s roof, which is in ruined condition and estimated to be in the form of stupa, resembles that of ancillary temple. The main temple’s court is surrounded by crumbled walls. The 16 ancillary temples are placed around and facing the main temple. Each of them lies on a platform 1 m high and 3 m2 wide. The wall of the temple is plain without any decorations. On the east and right in front of the door, there is a stairway with stone railings. On top of the door’s frame, there is a sculpture of Kalamakara without lower jaw in high relief. The roof consists of layered cubes topped with a stupa. A small stupa is placed on each corner of the cubes. Inside the ancillary temple, there is a row of stone pedestals.

Lumbung Temple

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