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Central Java, Solo Sangiran Museum

Central Java, Solo Sangiran Museum


A small museum in this village, 15 km from Solo, displays prehistoric fossils found in the area. This area along the Solo river is an outcropping of the earth’s old strata which have in the past yielded many major finds. Among them were the remains of “solo Man” (Homo Soloensis), one of the earliest hominid fossils known.
The fossilized remains of the earliest inhabitants of Java found so far, the “Java Man” or Pithecanthropus erectus, were found in 1881 by the Dutchman Dr. Eugene Dubois near the village of Trinil in East Java. The find has since been succeeded by several others. The Directorate of National Heritage and Historical Values of the Department of Education and Culture is in charge of the supervision of the site management.

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