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Central Kalimantan, Kubu Beach, West Kotawaringin

Central Kalimantan, Kubu Beach, West Kotawaringin


Kubu Beach is located in Kubu village, Kumai District, West Kotawaringin. Kubu is an coast area that overlooks the Java sea. This beach is also a fishing village. The pretty beach is about 30 km from Pangkalan Bun, the capital of West Kotawaringin, or about 1 hour trip south Pangkalan Bun.

The beach is sandy brownish white and brown seawater influence of these forests. The beach itself structurally ramps so it is suitable for playing with water at the beach. Kubu beach is one beach destination that is managed as a commercial tourist area by the local government. Various facilities are built to support this beach conditions.

The presence of the bridge that is located at 300 meters from the beach is one of those efforts and is one of the main attractions on this beach. The pavilion made of ironwood is truly a fun place to relax while enjoying the beauty of nautical charm.

Besides being able to enjoy the beauty of the sea in a wooden pier, you can also relax in the lodges built on the waterfront. Another interesting thing that you can enjoy in locations around the Kubu beach  is the availability of food stalls selling typical food sea (seafood). Of course, the typical fish and other sea foods that are sold are still fairly fresh because purchased directly from fishermen.

At midmorning, you can see the fishermen catching fish off the beach. You can even fish while sitting along ironwood towards the sea. As for the drink, coconut water served complete with whole coconuts are typical beach beverage that should not be missed.

Kubu Beach is one of the beaches boast of by West Kotawaringin community . When the new year come, this beach will be crowded with visitors, especially local people who want to see the beauty of the fireworks or just mingle with the crowds that await the turn of the year.

Location : Kubu Beach is located in Kubu village, Kumai District , 30 Km south Pangkalan Bun

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