Cheap And Instagramable Jogja Tourist Destinations

Jogja Tourist Destinations – Counting jogja or yogyakarta tourist attractions is certainly endless. Because the special area led by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono does have a lot of beauty worth tourism. For those of you who want to vacation in DIY Yogyakarta,

Here we treat the best Jogja tour. Starting from those located in the city to the district. Everything will make the release effective. Please choose a Jogja attraction that suits your holiday budget. If you carefully choose, there is even something that can be enjoyed by paying Rp3,000.00 or Rp5,000.00 only.

Cheap And Instagramable Jogja Tourist Destinations

What are the tourist destinations of Jogja that are currently hits on social networks? It turns out that this special region titled province has a lot of interesting spots. Some of them are only known thanks to Instagram travelers.

1.      The World Landmarks Merapi Park

This current selfie spot paradise is located at kilometer 25 kaliurang Street, Pakembinagun Village, Sleman Regency. Here thеrе are vаrіоuѕ miniature lаndmаrkѕ from аll оvеr thе wоrld.  Thе mоѕt рорulаr ѕроt іѕ оf course the Eіffеl Tоwеr.

2.      Transmart Carrefour Maguwo

This is a shopping spot that presents various types of entertainment in one region. Not only shopping and dining, there is also Trans Studio Mini and CGV cinema. Entrance fee to this place is free. But you will be charged for a deposit card with a minimum balance of IDR 50,000.00 to enjoy Trans Studio Mini rides. While cinema entrance tickets range from Rp35,000.00-Rp85,000.00.

3.      Nglambor Beach

Nglambor Beach is a place to snorkel. Here you have the opportunity to swim with multicolored fish. If you are luсkу, you саn еvеn meet a large ѕеа turtle.  For those who are lazy snorkeling, Nglambor is still charming with its clear blue water and small choppy. Make it feel at home on the edge until the afternoon.

4.      Jogja Bay Waterpark

This is a water ride complex on an area of 7.7 hectares that carries the concept of pirates. In addition to various water rides, there is also a pirate-themed show. It is mandatory to take photos with the background of pirate ships if you have the opportunity to vacation here.

5.      Nglinggo Tea Garden

This tea garden is located in the Samigaluh area, precisely in Nglinggo Hamlet, Pagerharjo Village, Kulon Progo. He said he used to be one of Prince Diponegoro’s headquarters, but now it has changed its function to plantations and tourist attractions.

Nglinggo plantation offers a cool air, a green expanse of tea trees that make the eyes cool, and the view of the tops of 8 mountains at once. Accessibility to this area is also quite good and there are also homestays that can be used for the night.

Want to Vacation To Which Tour Today?

Thus a row of Jogja tourist destinations that we recommend for you. Pretty much a cheap one, right? Prices and requirements for visiting each attraction are subject to change. So, for those of you who want a vacation but money is just right. Jogja Tourism The place.

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