The Top Cianjur Tourist Attraction Recommendations!

Cianjur is one of the regencies in West Java Province. The place that is indeed bordered by Bogor and Purwakarta Regencies where Cianjur is also famous for its tourist attractions. Most of the area of Cianjur is mountainous which makes it have many natural attractions. And here are cianjur tourism recommendations that you can visit during your vacation:

The Top Cianjur Tourist Attraction Recommendations!

1. Mount Gede

Are you one of those people who like to hike and explore nature? If so then you can make Mount Gede a destination. Mount Gede Cianjur is located at an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level with an amazing view.

Until now this one mountain is still a favorite of climbers to conque. But everything will pay off in full with the view once it reaches the top. The green expanse from a height will amaze anyone. You can also hunt for amazing sunrise on the mountain which is still part of the Gede Pangrango National Park.

2. Mount Padang Site

One of the megalithic sites studied is indeed incessantly keeping secrets. Its name is the site of Mount Padang which has an area of about 900 square meters. It is located at an altitude of 885 meters above sea level.

There are research results that reveal that this place is the largest pyramid-lined punden in Southeast Asia. Not only as an anti-mainstream tourist spot but here is also a historical tour for children. The location of the Mount Padang site is on the border of Gunung Padang Hamlet with Pelvic Hamlet. Precisely located in the Campaka district which holds many secrets about its existence.

3. Cibeureum Waterfall

Curug Cibeureum has a main waterfall and two other smaller waterfalls called Curug Cidendeng and Curug Cikundul. When Curug Cіbеurеum is bеrаdа dі Dеѕа Sіndаngjауа, Kесаmаtаn Cipanas. 

The location is also more open and close to the shelter so that it is crowded with visitors. Its name Cibeureum comes from the Sundanese language whose arithmetic is a red river and is taken from the red atmosphere on the cliff wall. Curug Cіbеurеum is located in Dеѕа Sіndаngjауа, Kесаmаtаn Cipanas. Enter in Cianjur Regency which also has a height of 40 meters.

4. Cianjur Blue Lake

Continuing the journey to explore Cianjur, you can visit Telaga Biru Cianjur. Not only Mount Gede, this lake is also a prima donna among travelers. Mеngіngаt when аkаn heading towards Mount Gеdе pass through this destination.

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The aesthetics of a calm lake with bluish water can indeed bewitch anyone. Being one of the mainstay tours of the city of Cianjur, you can find a variety of sufficient supporting facilities. Starting from being able to rent a boat to go down the lake to just relaxing on the edge of the lake while taking pictures. It’s a good idea to stop by in the afternoon or morning, considering that at that time the weather was good and not hot.

5. Cipanas Presidential Palace

This palace is about 103 km from the capital city of Jakarta or about 20 km from the Center of Cianjur City. Cipanas Presidential Palace is one of the 6 presidential palaces of the Republic of Indonesia where its name is indeed taken from the location or nickname of the street.

Those are some recommendations for Cianjur tourism, many are interesting, right? Interested in coming? Don’t forget to make the best preparations possible!

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