Cilacap Nature Tourism that is Very Suitable for Nature Lovers

One of the cities in Central Java is constantly attracting the attention of tourists for its natural charm. Stop by Cilacap, you will not be confused to find an interesting Cilacap nature tourism destination.

Because, there are many natural attractions with beautiful scenery to historical tours that you can visit while in this city. For that, for those of you who want to vacation in Cilacap, here are interesting Cilacap nature tourism places that can be visited.

Cilacap Nature Tourism that is Very Suitable for Nature Lovers

1. Karanggedang Pine Forest

For those of you who want to vacation with a green atmosphere, then the Karanggedang Pine Forest is a destination that you can visit. The reason is, here you will be presented with unspoiled scenery and also cool air. The existence of pine trees will make it instagramable when you take pictures.

2. Kemiren Beach

The beach is still one of the tourist attractions that are in demand when you come to Cilacap. Because, this one destination has a beauty that will spoil the eyes. Even more so when you visit it when dusk comes.

When in this location, you will also be presented with rolling waves, of course, it will make this one place more beautiful. Not only that, when you are on vacation to this location, you can also capture it in the camera shot.

Because, there are so many contemporary photo spots that you can take at this one location. For this reason, for those of you who want to vacation at the beach as well as photo hunting, then Kemiren Beach in Cilacap can be a destination that you can visit.

3. Mount Selok

Mount Selok is one of the most popular destinations for locals and tourists. You can also get beautiful scenery here. Coupled with the fresh air, it will make you feel at home in this one location. Not only that, access to this place is also very easy, so you can visit when you are tired.

4. Kubangkangkung Reservoir

The next destination that you can visit while in Cilacap is the Kubangkangkung Reservoir. This tour is often visited by travelers because it has beautiful natural scenery. There is one of the facilities that is an attraction for tourists, namely the duck motorbike. With this facility, you can also surround the reservoir with your family.

5. Turtle Bay Beach

If you are looking for sea tourism destinations when you are in Cilacap, then you can make Turtle Bay Beach an alternative for a vacation. This is because this tourist spot has its own charm, namely the existence of adorable turtles.

And when you enter this area, you will immediately be greeted with many turtles. Not only that, you can also learn about the growth stages of this one animal when you are on turtle bay beach.

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And here, you will also be presented with a very interesting natural scenery when you are in this location. So, this beach can also be one of the best alternative vacation places in Cilacap. Those are some of the recommendations for natural tourism in Cilacap. Are you already interested in visiting? Don’t doubt its beauty, it is certain that you feel at home and will not want to go home. Happy visiting!

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