Let’s Enjoy the Charm of Cobam Pelangi Tourism

Coban Pelangi Tourism – is a fairly popular tourist attraction among climbers. Usually, they come here before continuing their journey to Mount Semeru to enjoy the scenery and satisfy curiosity.

Pelangi Waterfall or Coban Pelangi is a tourist attraction manage by Perum Perhutani Malang. It is located not too far from Mount Semeru and is still part of the Bromo National Park area. So, no wonder if Coban Pelangi is very famous among hikers, especially those who have climbed Mount Semeru.

Rainbow Waterfall Tourism Charm

The waterfall which has a height of 110 meters is surrounde by rock cliffs and green trees. That’s why the surrounding scenery looks still natural and beautiful. When you first come here, you will also be greete by the singing of the birds and the hustle and bustle of wild animals that live there.

In addition, the air is very cool, especially the splash of waterfalls that hit the area nearby makes the feel of Coban Pelangi even more refreshing. But, because it is located at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level, the temperature in the tourist attraction is also very cold, even once up to 19 degrees Celsius.

The attraction or uniqueness of this waterfall lies in its ability to emit various colors that resemble rainbows. The right time to witness the phenomenon is 10:00-12:00 pm when the weather is clear. It was at that moment that the sunlight came in and refracted between splashes of waterfalls. This beautiful phenomenon also creates a name for the waterfall in the Klakah Hut.

When you come in the afternoon, the phenomenon will disappear as the fog around the waterfall slowly descends and blocks light from entering. If the weather is bad, it is not recommende to approach the waterfall because there are frequent floods.

Take a Trip to Rainbow Waterfall

To enjoy the panorama in Coban Pelangi is arguably not easy. There are various obstacles that must be take to achieve it. Especially, after entering the entrance and parking the vehicle. You still have to walk 1 km to get to the waterfall area.

It takes a lot of preparation, especially physically and mentally, because you will go through an up-and-down path and quite steep. The angle of inclination reaches 45 degrees and is quite slippery because there are many mossy stones.

Coban Pelangi is not far from the river. The roar of the sound of the waterfall had already sounde a few meters away from it. Maybe here you will speed up the pace to get to the destination immediately. The path that is passe is shape like a step with a bamboo barrier.

Because the road is uphill, the first part you will see when you get to the top steps is the top of the waterfall. When observed, the water coming down from the top of the hill forms a curved line on the green cliff. Are you intereste? It’s a pity if you don’t visit coban pelamgi. Let’s enjoy the fun.

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