Coming to Tanjung Puting National Park, the Home of Orangutans

Orangutan is one of the unique animals people can find in Indonesia. Normally people can see them in cages or the zoo. However, how would it feel to see them directly in their habitat? Well, if you want to get this experience, then try to come and visit Tanjung Puting National Park.

This national park is not just like other parks in the world. Tanjung Puting National Park is home to many animals starting from orangutans, monkeys, and birds to leopard cats and bears. Just like visiting the zoo, you can see many animals here, however, this is living in the rainforest therefore the experience will surely be different.

Getting to the National Park & How to Get Around

The national park can be found in West Kotawaringin Regency, Kalimantan. The nearest city to this area is Pangkalan Bun. Luckily there are direct flights to this city from major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta and Surabaya. On the other hand, if you are coming from cities in Kalimantan, then you can ride a bus to reach Pangkalan Bun or Kumai.

After reaching Pangkalan Bun you’ll then have to go to Kumai Harbor to catch a ferry that will then bring you to the park. Even though the journey is a bit long, 4,5 hours, the scenery down the Sekonyer River is just stunning and relaxing. If you happen to see anything interesting on the way, don’t hesitate to ask the driver to stop.

As this is a jungle, there is no other way to explore the park on foot. There is a trek throughout the park that will help you explore the forest. While walking around, don’t forget to keep your eyes open to see monkeys, deer, and orangutans.

Reasons to Visit Tanjung Puting National Park

There are many reasons why people should visit this park! Not only does it have various animals but the location itself is quite interesting to see. Therefore, for those asking if this park is worth the visit, the answer is yes! And here are the reasons why:

1. Get to Explore a Rainforest

One of the interesting points about the National Park is its location which is in the rainforest. Coming here, people will get to walk around and explore the 415,000 ha rainforest. Therefore, explore the forest and enjoy the fresh air, high trees, and environment.

2. Has the Largest Orangutan Population

The main attraction in the national park is the wild orangutan. This park is the home and the largest population of orangutans. There is also a feeding platform where people can interact and feed orangutans directly.

3. Home to Many Other Animals

Other than the orangutan, the forest also has many other animals that people can see. There are over 280 species of birds that fly around all day, from endemic monkeys to the two species of crocodiles. As there are many animals to see, visiting this forest in a day will not be enough.

The Best Time to Visit

Tanjung Puting Park is open throughout the year, except on Sunday. The park offers natural beauty every day therefore there is no specific month to come. However, if you want to enjoy the hot temperature and have a bigger potential in seeing crocodiles, then it is best to come in dry seasons that fall between May and October.

As for those who want to see more birds, fruits on trees, and orangutans, then come during the wet season which is between November to April. However, please remember that it rains quite a lot in this season, so be prepared. So, choose the best time you like to visit Tanjung Puting National Park.

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