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Cukang Taneuh Caves of the Green Canyon Ciseureuh

Cukang Taneuh Caves of the Green Canyon Ciseureuh


Waterfall, Caves, River – Be Prepared to Get Wet

Visitors who don’t like the idea of getting wet should stay away from the Green Canyon because it’s only reachable on small boats that local guides operate out of Ciseureuh, a village located in Central Java. But even the water wary will have no trouble appreciating the beauty of the place. It’s actually a combination of a subterranean river, caves, and a lovely waterfall named Palatar. It’s situated at the entrance of the cave which is quite fun because it drenches everything and everyone that passes through it.

Grand Green Canyon

Cukang Taneuh actually refers to the rock formation that connects two plant covered hills whose walls really do remind travelers who have been to the United States of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It measures about three meters wide and forty meters long thus forming some sort of an arc or tunnel. Some parts of the river have rapids which is ideal for adventure rafting. But for guests who just wish to immerse their bodies in the cool waters, there are several pools from which this can be done easily and safely. Kids are also allowed to join the excursion although they should be big enough to fit in a life vest.

A Challenging Task

Exploring the caves reveals stalagmites and stalactites which have formed over hundreds of years. For intrepid visitors, the challenge of getting up close with them should be both enticing and exciting. A word of caution though for those who think it would be an easy task – the entrance to the cave requires a bit of crawling and should never be tried without a guide.

Cukang Taneuh is located in Kertayasa Village in Cijulang District in West Java. It’s about forty-five minutes away from the famous Pangandaran Beach

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