Must Visit!! Curug Muncar Tourism, Purworejo

Curug Muncar Waterfall – located 45 km northwest of the center of Purworejo City. Precisely located in Kaliwungu Village, Kec. Bruno, in the Perhutani Area. This waterfall is at an altitude of 900 m above sea level. Curug Muncar is still very natural, untouched by various human technologies.

Muncar waterfall is at an altitude of about 900 dpl, and has a height of about 40 meters. The location of the Muncar waterfall itself is in the middle of the height on a rock hill so that visitors have to spend extra energy when climbing to the muncar waterfall area because the road conditions are uphill.

Must Visit!! Curug Muncar Tourism, Purworejo

·         The origins of the name Curug Muncar

According to information from residents of Kalibang hamlet, the term related to the name of Muncar is from the word fountain, such as water radiating from a shower where the waterfall beam comes from a river flow with a small area and falls from a rock cliff that is so high that it forms like a giant shower.

Relate to who gave or inventor the first time about the name curug Muncar is not known with certainty. What is clear, the name curug muncar is taken from the form of curug itself and base on people’s speech or word of mouth.

·         Travel routes

When viewed from the location map, there are 3 main routes for the route to the location of curug muncar, namely from Kutoarjo, Maron fork, and Wonosobo.

1.      Travel route from Magelang city and surrounding areas.

If you are from the location of Magelang and its surroundings, you should take directions to Purworejo. After arriving at junction three in the village of Maron( 7 km before the city of Purworejo), you take the right direction to kepil subdistrict, Wonosobo.

About 20 km, you will find a fork in the village of Cawangan, Kec. Kepil, Wonosobo, you have to take the left direction to Bruno subdistrict.At 10 km later, you will be at the intersection of Muncar waterfall, Kaliwungu village, Bruno subdistrict. The distance between the fork of The Branch village to the city of Kutoarjo itself is about 32.5 km.

During the journey from The Branch village to Kaliwungu, you will feel the cool and refreshing. In addition, the road conditions are decreasing so that your vehicle will save gasoline. One more thing, you will be treate to beautiful scenery that is on the left and right of the road, during the trip.

2.      Travel routes from Kutoarjo and surrounding areas.

From the city of Kutoarjo, you have to major in the direction of the village of Mount Tugel. From Kotoarjo to the Muncar waterfall intersection in Kaliwungu village is about 22 km.

3.      Travel route from wonosobo city and surrounding areas.

If you are from wonosobo direction, you must take the path to Kretek subdistrict then go to the fork in Cawangan village, Kepil subdistrict and then take the right direction to go to the Muncar waterfall intersection in Kaliwungu village.

From the Muncar waterfall intersection in Kaliwungu village to the main location of the waterfall is about 3 km. The shape of the road is a village alley that has been made a path and can be passe by one four-wheeled vehicle. Are you intereste in visiting this adrenaline-pumping tour? Curug muncar this is right and you must visit, if you like adventure. Although quite challenging, this waterfall holds a lot of beauty.

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