The Hidden Derawan Island in East Kalimantan

For those of you who like to travel, Derawan Island is one of the tourist destinations that must be visited. This interesting destination is located in East Kalimantan Province. Its location away from city life makes it suitable as a place to unwind.

On this beautiful island you can enjoy charming and enchanting beach tours. As an archipelago place that holds many beautiful charms, this sea tourism is also surrounded by a cluster of islands that are no less stunning. The amazing nature and cool air are the attractions offered by Derawan Island.

The Hidden Derawan Island in East Kalimantan

Derawan Island is an archipelago located in Berau, East Kalimantan. This area has a number of amazing marine attractions. The destination that attracts the most interest from tourists is the Marine Lower Garden which is moreover already known by foreign tourists.

The charm of the nautical underlife offered can hypnotize anyone. Clusters of diverse corals and a variety of unique marine biota make a vacation to this exotic island very memorable. You can make that busyness mandatory so that the holiday is more exciting even if you are done together with your family.

Another attraction of the island is the cluster of small islands and the blue and clear waters. The gradation of the color of the nautical water and white sand beaches in the Derawan islands is one of the sights that is not to be missed.

Interesting Activities to Do in Derawan Island

1.     Exciting Swim with Jellyfish

As previously explained, the charm of this island is its unique underwater biota. In this place you can swim with jellyfish in a lake. No need to worry about being stung because the freshwater jellyfish in this place will not sting. Living in lakes and without predators makes the jellyfish in this place so docile. This activity is one of the activities that must be done and visited while on vacation to this Derawan Island.

2.     Cycling Around the Island

If you want to relax while enjoying the fresh breeze on the island, this one activity is very suitable as an option. A leisurely bike ride around this enchanting island is suitable as an option.

3.     Dive with Manta Rays

An interesting activity that can be done is diving with Manta Rays. The fish is a type of giant stingray that can only be found in a few waters. It would be very lucky if you could meet and swim with those rare fish.

Not stopping there, you can also see the aesthetics of the underwater nature and coral reefs that vary in this Derawan Waters. The unique corals are diverse in size and the colorful fish here will make you reluctant to leave.

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4.     Peek at Turtles at conservation centers

The next exciting activity that can be done on Derawan Island is to visit the turtle conservation center. There you can get knowledge and also a new vacation adventure, namely seeing turtles laying eggs and doing funny activities that turtles do directly.

In addition to seeing turtle breeding, you can also participate in releasing baby turtles or hatchlings that are ready to be released into the ocean. This activity is a mandatory option for anyone visiting the island. Thus, some reviews that discuss Derawan Island if you are planning to do an exciting vacation, make sure the place is beautiful and charming.

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