Dieng Plateau Java, Best Choice for Healing and Stress Release

There are numerous places in Indonesia that are rich with traditions that came from ancient times. This includes the Dieng Plateau Java, which some of the people there still hold onto the traditions they got from their ancestors.

Not to mention, the enthralling landscape of Dieng is a waste to pass. Thus, this place became one of the top tourist destinations in Java. 

What to Find in Dieng Plateau

What is famous from Dieng Plateau Java is its gorgeous scenery that is hard to find elsewhere. Not to mention, the natural form of this place is already breathtaking. Add the manmade temple with historical value, turning Dieng into a popular destination in Java. If you are interested to come to Dieng, here are what you can find in the area:

1. Crater

The crater is one of the famous tourist attractions in Dieng. There are 3 craters that you can find, they are:

  • Sikidang is the typical volcanic crater character that you got from the textbook.
  • Candradimuka is actually not a volcanic crater. This crater was formed by two cracks on the ground that emit solfatara.
  • Sileri is the largest crater at Dieng and the water surface continuously releases white smoke with the sulfur smell.

2. Lake

Although the crater is a famous tourist attraction, there are also lakes with stunning views to witness. Here are the lakes around Dieng for you to visit:

  • Telaga Warna’s name came from the colorful appearance of its water. The colorfulness came from organisms, minerals in the water, and sunrays.
  • Telaga Pengilon has a clear water body that makes it appear as a mirror or the locals call it as pengilon.
  • Telaga Cebong was formed by volcanic activity in ancient times and shaped like a tadpole. Hence, the name cebong means tadpole.

3. Ridge

Since Dieng is a plateau, your journey would be void without looking at the ridge scenery. On this plateau, you can choose to hike at Prau Mountain or Sikunir Hill. If you choose to hike for Prau Mountain, then you can witness the majestic Sindoro Sumbing scenery. Meanwhile, if you opt for Sikunir Hill instead, you can also look at the panoramic sunrise view.

4. Temple

Aside from the natural scenery, you can also learn some history and lore in Dieng. There are temples from Hindu heritage that are still well-groomed up to today. Not to mention, these temple complexes usually have flower gardens that wouldn’t fail as an Instagram feed.

How to Go There and How Much It Cost

From the administrative perspective, Dieng lies on two regencies, in Wonosobo at the east side and Banjarnegara at the west side. To reach the plateau, there are three routes you can take, from Wonosobo, Banjarnegara, or Batang. 

Amongst the three, the Wonosobo route is the most efficient one, because it is only 26 Km from the city. Further, you can take cars, minibosses, or even motorbikes. But prevent taking a big bus to go there because the big vehicle couldn’t reach the plateau.

For the entrance fee to the plateau, you need to pay 10 thousand rupiahs. The amount is only for the first entrance and does not cover the attractions there. Therefore, you have to pay another 10 thousand if you want to come to Sikunir Hill, for example.

Although famous, Dieng Plateau Java is a good place for healing. Because the beautiful scenery is therapeutic and a good way to release stress. 

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