Dieng Wonosobo Tourist Attractions, If Your Vacation Low Budget!

Dieng Wonosobo Tourist Attractions – Who does not know the error of one famous tourist destination in Dieng Plateau this one country. Yes, Dieng Tourism has become the prima donna of tourists who want to taste the sensation of vacation using a beautiful and natural mountain atmosphere. Not only the air is cool, but Dieng Tourism also has a very natural treat and can amaze the tourists who visit.

Located in Wonosobo regency, Dieng Tourism can be regarded as a holiday spot that is never empty of visitors. Not only tourists in the country, poly foreign tourists also come because they wonder using their natural aesthetics. If Bali is popular with sunset views, Dieng Wonosobo Tourism is famous for using its sunrise treats.

Dieng Wonosobo Tourist Attractions, If Your Vacation Budget Is Only 1 Million!

The cost of a cheap vacation as a mistake is one of the main reasons why this area seems to always be crowde. With many interesting and exotic tourist sites, this site is worth visiting when you are on vacation or long perlop.

In fact, because of the cheap Porto lodging & transportation, you only need to prepare a budget of 1 million to be able to vacation here. However, before deciding to visit Dieng Wonosobo tourist attractions, you must know the 15 excellent destinations that should not be misse. 15 Favorite Dieng Wonosobo Tourist Attractions

Sikunir Hill, a Favorite Location for Dieng Tourists

The first tourist spot that cannot be missed when visiting Dieng is Bukit Sikunir. Having a height of two,300 meters above the nautical surface, Bukit Sikunir is a place that has the most beautiful sunrise in Central Java.

It doesn’t take long to get to the top of Bukit Sikunir. Usually, when traveling the tourists only range from 30 to 60 min, depending on their physical condition. If the weather is sunny and cloudy, you will be able to taste the sensation of seeing the four most famous mountains in Central Java, Merbabu, Sindoro, Merapi, and also Sumbing.

Arjuna Temple that is Still Actively Use for Worship

Dieng tourism also has many historical temples that can be visite. One of the most popular is Arjuna Temple. This temple is still actively use as a place of worship for more or less Hindu citizens, especially during Galungan Day. 

Make sure you are not in a tire condition because Arjuna Temple has an area of up to 1 hectare. 

Color Lake uses Water Color that Changes Every Time

if you are going on vacation to Dieng Tourism in the dominant expression of drought, it is mandatory to stop by Telaga Warna. Because, when visiting in July to August, you will have the opportunity to see the color of the water in this lake as red, green, blue, to yellow.

Myth, the change in hue that occurs in Telaga Warna occurs because of the contents of the heirloom that fell belonging to Cup Manik Astana. However, when explaine scientifically, the cause of the changing water hue is due to the ecosystem containe in the lake earlier.

Hiking Hobby? Try Conquering Mount Prau on Dieng Tourism

Less complete taste if traveling to the highlands without doing climbing activities. If you are a fan of this activity, then there is no harm in trying to conquer Mount Prau. With an altitude of almost two,600 meters above sea level, Mount Prau is the highest Zenit-using mountain on Dieng.

Compare to other mountaineering processes, the time to climb this mountain falls into the category of fast. The majority of climbers only need about three to 4 hours to make it to the top. Guarantee when seeing the sunrise in the Zenit of Mount Prau, the entire burden of the mind will be lost.

Feel the Heat of Volcanic Steam in Sikidang Crater

Still in the area of Mount Prau, beautiful taste to slip temporarily into the volcanic crater that is still active there. Actually, there are many volcanic craters found on the mountain.

However, Sikidang Crater is the most poly visite. Make sure before going to this tourist spot, you are already arme with a mask because the smell of sulfur is quite sharp and can endanger health.

No Less Interesting, Merdada Lake Is Also Worth Visiting

Although it is not as popular as Telaga Warna, Telaga Merdada has an attraction that is a pity to miss. When on vacation to Dieng Tourism in the latest issue of rain, you will be shown using the view of the lake fille with water and embrace by the gardens owne by residents. The imagination of the mini-period countryside will be personally realize during a visit to Merdada Lake.

Hangouts As High as 1,789 MDPL in Tieng Viewing Substation

For those of you who are reluctant to climb but want to enjoy the holiday experience in a high place, Gardu Pandang Tieng is the most suitable place to choose from. Locate at an altitude of almost 1,800 meters above sea level, this location shows a view of sunrise without having to bother climbing. This tourist spot also has a hangout area that can be use to gather with the closest people. 

Mysterious Mystical Atmosphere in Goa Semar

Lovers of challenges? Feel free to test your courage using to go back to Goa Semar which is say to be the shelter of ancient kings. 

In fact, base on existing news instructions, President Suharto had also meditate on this cave. So, if you like the mysterious mystical atmosphere. Goa Semar must be include in the list of visits in Dieng Tourism.

Visit Tile 9 Dieng

If you are wondering how the Color Lake looks when closely watche, you can set to visit Tile 9 Dieng. 

Dieng Tourist Attractions which are also known as Bukit Sidengkeng charges an entrance ticket of only Rp5,000 for each visitor.

The cheap price is not to be able to enjoy the view of Telaga Warna using more latif again? Silver Crater that is Not Inferior to Sikidang Crater

Locate in Kepakisan Village. You can stop by to see Sileri Crater while walking to biting warm water baths to rest. Although calculate to be more active and often erupt than Sikidang Crater, this tourist destination is still conducive to visit. 

For that, remember to spend a moment a while to this Sileri Crater.

Relax & Fish in Telaga Menjer

Made because of volcanic activities, Telaga Menjer is use as a hydropower plant. However, because of the latif scenery, not a few tourists who make this place a tourist destination. 

Not only that, you can also relax and fish in this lake while unwinding after a day of traveling. Cebong Lake, a Unique Spot for Camping & Boat Riding

Cebong Lake use to be an ancient crater fill with water. Many tourists who take advantage of this tourist site use boating activities to camp. Camp equipment can also be easily rente according to the surrounding people around the area. Wonosobo Square, The Best City Center in Central Java

Slightly slipping base on the Dieng area, you can walk to Wonosobo Square which is believe to be the best city center in Central Java. The facilities in Wonosobo Square are also quite complete. So according to that, this place deserves to be an option to make as a holiday cover in Dieng.

Grand Canyon Tours in Sewu Hole

Similarly, using Telaga Warna, it is not complete if you do not visit Sewu Hole. The reason is because in the fever of the issue of drought and water becomes dry, you can see the atmosphere like the Grand Canyon in the United States. 

However, if you visit when musing rain, Sewu Hole will be fill with water and also fish that swim and hide in the gap of the hole. Hot Spring Swimming at D’qiano Water Park

Wanting to restore the body to fresh and fit conditions, D’qiano Water Park is suitable as a fun last vacation destination in Dieng. Just spend 25,000 Rupiah alone you are able to swim in the hot spring pool to your heart’s content. 

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