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East Java, Lowo Cave

East Java, Lowo Cave


Lowo Cave (Guo Lowo) is located in Watuagung village, Watulimo district, about 30 km South East of Trenggalek city, on the way to Prigi Beach, Karanggongso Beach, Damas Beach. When the visitor have received by fresh air and the cool mountain with teak forest aroma, because the location of Lowo cave is surrounded by teak forest. From the park area to the cave, the road is split of teak forest. And when arrive at the mouth of the cave, the tourists welcomed by a wide cave room that looks like a hall. The cave roof is about 20-50 meters; the wide is about 50 meters. The cave wall is decorated by various kinds of panorama and decoration.

The beautiful of the wall with its stalactites and stalagmite, are looks so artistic with its light. Based on the cave expert person, Mr. Gilbert Manthovani and Dr. Robert K Kho in 1984, it is declared that Lowo cave is the big natural cave in south east Asia with its length is 800 meters, nine main rooms and some small rooms. To enjoy the wonder and beauty of the cave, there are bridges and artistic electric lamps a long the cave. Out side the cave there are playground facilities for children and wide parking area.

The Founding of Lowo Cave
A man named Lomedjo was came to a jungle looking for a place to had meditation. Then, he found a small cave that suitable for his meditation, which is near to a pool. He named the pool as the ‘blue pool’ (Kedung biru). Its located is about 600 meters of Lowo cave (this place is still used for meditation place by some people).
Because his pray and effort beg to the God, finally he got a dream that there is a big cave around his meditation place, which is become the animals hide.
One day, he found a big, dark and smell cave. Because there are a lot of bat in that cave, then this cave called Lowo cave. And the meditation place is about 600 meters of east side of the Lowo cave.


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