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East Java, Segaran Pool, Trowulan Hamlet, Trowulan village, Trowulan

East Java, Segaran Pool, Trowulan Hamlet, Trowulan village


Kolam Segaran (Segaran Pool) is located in Trowulan Hamlet, Trowulan village, Trowulan Subdistrict, Mojokerto Regency, to the south of a crossroads linking Mojokerto – Jombang. The pool is to the left of the road, around 500 meters away. Kolam Segaran was discovered in 1926 in buried condition. In 1966, an inadequate restoration was performed to this pool. It was only in 1974 that a planned and integrated restoration began, which took ten years to complete. The definite function of Kolam Segaranl is yet to find out, but according the people around it, the pool was used by Majapahit imperial family for recreation and entertaining overseas guests. This pool is the biggest ancient pool ever found in Indonesia. The overall dimension of the pool is approximately 6.5 hectares, 375 m from north to south and 175 m wide. The pool has 1.60 m thick walls with a depth of 2.88 m. At the entrance door on the west, there is a terrace that projects to the center of the pool. On the inner side of the veranda are stairs to step down to the pool. The entire walls and veranda are made of brick layers without adhesive materials. The bricks are rubbed one against the other to make them sticky. On its southeast side, there is a ditch to channel water into the pool, while drain is on its northwest side. Water that drains from the pool will flow to Balongdawa (long pond) located to the northwest and Balongbunder (round pond) to the south. Considering the presence of water inlet and outlet, it can be estimated that Segaran Pool was once used to function as dam and water collecting facility. Scholars predict that this pool is what is mentioned as lake in Negarakertagama.

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