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East Kalimantan Derawan Island Derawanhomestay

East Kalimantan Derawan Island Derawanhomestay


Reza & Dira Homestay-Restaurant Derawan is a little, sandy, teardrop shaped island. There are plenty of coconut palms, picturesque village with exceptional nice inhabitants. Sandybottom at island’s edge, shallow water and shells which nobody picks up – it is a paradise for not only backpackers but everybody! Nearby there are three other islands: Sangalaki, Kakaban and Maratua. A woman named Wahida has built a nice and cosy homestay with four (4) rooms on a bridge at the beach. Under the bridge, in an edge water, there are big, green turtles resting. Those are with no doupt a big atraction for everybody visiting this place. You don’t have to be diver to admire the underwater world. It is enough with mask, snorkel and flippers to approach the turtles on arm distance. On the bridge there are also a rsteurant with beautiful sea view, runned by a woman from Java (Heni). Nearest located to Derawan is Sangalaki, sometimes called by the divers “the kingdom of Mantas”. The distance is only 25 kilometers. Snorkeling among enrmous, but very with very gracy budge mantas is an unforgettable experienc for everybody. Those giants, with wing lenght of up to five (5) meters, are coming to the beach each day.

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