Interesting Attractions in East Nusa Tenggara

East Nusa Tenggara is one of the regions in eastern Indonesia that has extraordinary natural charm. No wonder this island province is one of the main tourist destinations in Eastern Indonesia. Therefore, there are several recommendations for tourist attractions in NTT that are interesting to visit.

No wonder if you visit East Nusa Tenggara, you will find something different and cannot be found anywhere else. Curious about what are the interesting tourist attractions in NTT? In the following, we have summarized 6 tourist attractions in NTT that have amazing charm.

Interesting Attractions in East Nusa Tenggara

1. Komodo National Park

This destination is the most popular tourist destination in NTT. The tourist attraction is not only the unique nature, but there are endemic plants and animals such as komodo dragons whose natural habitat is preserved until now.

Although it is considered a wild and rare animal, tourists who come can come to this area and of course must be accompanied by tour guides.

2. Mount Kelimutu

Mount Kelimutu is a volcano located on the island of Flores, NTT Province. The mountain is not too high, only approximately 1,639 meters above sea level.

But to reach the top, you must be prepared with a prime physical atmosphere because the terrain is steep with an almost horizontal and rocky slope. Suitable for Friends who like challenges.

3. Red Beach

The stretch of pink sand is the main attraction for Red Beach or commonly referred to as Pink Beach. The color of the sand is very striking, especially except for visiting in the morning or evening while enjoying the sunset.

4. Kelimutu National Park

Kelimutu National Park has amazing natural charm. It consists of a stretch of hills, mountains to the beauty of Three Colors Lake. In Kelimutu National Park there is an area called Arboretum. The arboretum itself is a forest with an area of 4.5 hectares that functions as a collection area for various plants and animals.

The diversity of plants stored here is at least about 100 species in 36 families and there are endemic types of Kelimutu, namely turuwara (Rhondodenron renschianum) and uta onga (Begonia kelimutuensis). Then other endemic animals are garugiwa birds, lawo rats, deke, wawi ndua, srigunting and many more.

5. Kalong Island

This small island with dense forests and surrounded by blue seawater is home to thousands of large bats. The perfect time to see bats flying on more or less the island is in the afternoon. Except for the day, they are only perche on the branches of trees.

But don’t occasionally try to enter this island. Because there are still some other dangerous animals such as pythons that host on Kalong Island. This is what makes Kalong Island never touche by humans and its habitat must be preserve.

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6. Lake Kelimutu

The beauty of Lake Kelimutu can be enjoye in the Mount Kelimutu area which is at an altitude of 1,631 meters above sea level. Three Color Lake which is an iconic tourist destination in this region.

Why is it iconic? Because the lake has a unique color change, sometimes blue, red to toska green. Those are some reviews that discuss tourist attractions in East Nusa Tenggara if you want to visit tourism in NTT, don’t forget to visit the 6 tours that have been describe above.

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