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East Papua, Jayapura, Kaure Tribe

East Papua, Jayapura, Kaure Tribe

The Kaure people live in region in north-east of West-Papua. The most well known Kaure villages are: Kaure, Lereh and Aurina 1 & 2. Lereh have recently been targeted for palm oil plantations, and large scale logging operations in the north of the area had already started to show in 2006. A road from Jayapura leads to Lereh and Kaure, road conditions are grim. Nawa river flows trough the Kaure area and all the way to the upper parts of Idenburg (Taritatu river), near the village of Hulu Atas. The villages if Aurina 1 and Aurina 2 are found on the Nawa river.




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