Enjoy Your Vacation by Visiting Tours in Surabaya

Tourism in Surabaya – Who is not familiar with the city of Surabaya? The capital of East Java is the second largest city after Jakarta. No wonder this metropolis has become a residence by millions of people. Everything is also modern in Surabaya, including buildings such as malls and so on.

That’s why Surabaya is often use as a tourist destination by tourists. The nickname of the city of Heroes is already attached to this city. The struggle of the heroes against the invaders in the past is known to be very heroic.

Some relics are very many and diverse, so it becomes a special attraction for tourists. Not only that, this city also has a variety of modern attractions that are make as a means of entertainment for the surrounding community so that they can be enjoye with family.

Enjoy Your Vacation by Visiting Tours in Surabaya

1.      Mangrove Ecotourism

The first tourist attraction in Surabaya is Mangrove Ecotourism located on Wonorejo Highway number 1, Rungkut District. This tourist spot is so popular by tourists because it can feel the green area in the hot weather of Surabaya.

You only need to pay Rp 5000 to enter this tourist spot, plus parking fees. Cheap prices for a place that is fresh and also educative to be closer to nature.

2.      White Harmony Garden

Surabaya which is one of the metropolitan cities is indeed famous for its beautiful garden parks. For those of you who are in Surabaya, you can make Taman Harmoni Keputih as your vacation destination. It can be said that this Keputih Harmony Park has become the most hits and visite park lately.

This is because this one garden has a large collection of beautiful colorful flowers. Who would have guessed that this charming garden used to be a landfill. The visitors, most of whom are young people, come to take beautiful photos. Considering it is very easy to find instagramable spots in this one park.

The second tourist spot is the Dancing Fountain located in the Kenjeran area. This place is a great spot for taking selfies. Because there is a magnificent bridge built along Kenjeran Beach. It is from this bridge that you can enjoy the beauty of the Dancing Fountain. At night, there are lights arrange to beautify the view of the park. There is even a special spot for selfies prepared for visitors.

3.      Achievement Park

In addition to the Harmony Park, you can also make the Achievement Park can also be use as a destination to unwind. This one park has existe since 1992 which was then inaugurate in 1993. Its location in the city center makes it easier for visitors to visit it. It is not surprising if it is always crowde.

The existence of the existing Kalimas River further adds to the charm of the Achievement Park. There are many plants and trees that make the atmosphere so beautiful. In this park there is also a Monument Bomber b-26 Intruder which is present as a new vehicle. The facilities provided are also complete, ranging from children’s playgrounds to open stages.

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