Exploring Baluran National Park, The Savannah in Indonesia

If you’re looking for an affordable adventure that is like the African Savanna, then come to Baluran National Park. This national park is an open savannah with free wildlife that contains animals such as banteng, kancil, and many more animals. So, where is this Savannah? And how can people get there?

Location & How to Get There

This exotic savannah is in Sumberwaru village which is in Situbondo, East Java. There are plenty of options to get here, starting from plane, bus, train, and car. If you’re starting point is from Surabaya, then ride a train to Situbondo. This will take around 5-6 hours until you arrive in the city. Then from the city, you can either rent a car or ride a travel to reach the savannah.

However, if you’re coming from Jakarta, then you can catch a flight to Banyuwangi International Airport. The flight is around 5 hours long. After arriving at Banyuwangi, you’ll then have to continue your travel to Situbondo by land. For this journey, you can ride a bus or travel.

Things to Enjoy at Baluran National Park

There are many things you can do in this National Park. The Savannah is only one of the many things you can enjoy. To make sure you have the best experience, here are some of the activities you can enjoy:

1. Exploring Savannah

One of the main attractions that people love to do in this park is exploring the savannah. To get here, you’ll have to drive around 45 minutes through a lush evergreen. Then drive around the savanna to seek peafowls and leopards.

2. Discovering Bama Beach

At the edge of the National Park, you can find a peaceful and beautiful beach that is known as Bama Beach. Is it far from the city, this beach is uncrowded and has its main natural beauty. On this beach, people can enjoy canoeing to snorkeling to discover marine life.

3. Exploring Mangrove Forest

Try to get lost inside the Mangrove Forest. Inside this forest, you’ll get to see majestic mangrove trees that have big and thick roots. Try to enjoy the forest by walking around with a friend until you reach the end of the forest. In the end, you’ll see the beautiful scenery that is worth the walk.

4. Go for Bird Watching

Try going on bird watching to see unique birds such as the oriental pied hornbill to the green junglefowl. However, make sure to bring your binoculars so that you can see the birds well.

Entrance Fee & Time to Visit

The National Park is open from Monday to Saturday. To enter the park, local people must pay Rp 5.000 per person. As for international visitors, the entrance fee is up to Rp 150.000. If you are a student, then there is a special price for both local and international students.

Baluran National Park is beautiful throughout the year. In rainy seasons the grass will turn green, whereas in dry seasons it becomes yellow-greenish. Both times are great to visit, however, in rainy seasons the rain can get a bit heavy. Therefore, if you want to get the best experience it is best to come during the dry seasons.

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