Favorite Bondowoso Attractions for The Holidays

Favorite Bondowoso Attractions – Surely you have not been steadfast right for the holidays at the end of the year? Because now it is still in the pandemic atmosphere, this ad interim holiday does not need to go abroad first. Tourist attractions in Bondowoso are also no less cool. Attractions in Bondowoso

One of the East Java tourist attractions that you must visit is Bondowoso, which has a myriad of beautiful attractions that are suitable for your vacation site. Well, what are you waiting for? Immediately come on, let’s see the coverage of tourist attractions in Bondowoso which is the favorite holiday destination.

Favorite Bondowoso Attractions for The Holidays

Gentongan Waterfall

The first location that we will discuss is Gentongan Bondowoso Waterfall Tourism, which is a natural bondowoso tourist spot located in Watu Capil Hamlet, Kalianyar Village, Sempol District, Bondowoso Regency, East Java, and is located in the perum Perhutani place of bondowoso Forest Stakeholders Unit.

Gentongan Waterfall has bubbly water, because the origin of the water comes Bondowoso from the seepage of Ijen crater which contains sulfur. So, if you are not energetic with sulfur that is too sharp, you should remember the mask. In addition, be careful also splashing water exposed to the eyes because it can make your eyes very sore.

Even so, Gentongan Waterfall has an amazingly beautiful view! The spill of the waterfall builds a puddle of froth that when from a distance looks like snow. Cool!

Ijen Crater

Mount Ijen is one of the volcanoes on the island of Java which is still active. But of course, this does not prevent you who are indeed mountain lovers to climb this mountain, especially if your main goal is to see Blue Fire in Ijen Crater.

The reason is to get to this caldera, you must climb the mountain with an altitude of approximately 2,799 meters. But, the climbing effort must have paid off immediately using the blue fire latif scenery which is said to only exist 2 globally. The first is located in Ijen Bondowoso Crater here, and the second is in Iceland. Awesome, isn’t it?

If you have arrived at the tourist site on bondowoso this one, remember to capture the moment as much as possible yes, it’s a pity if after a long journey you do not have time to photograph here. Not bad, you can make “show off” on Instagram hehehe.

Mini Niagara Belawan

Now, you don’t need to go all the way to Niagara Falls which divides Canada and the United States, because on bondowoso tourism there is a waterfall that is like using niagara, although the shape is smaller. That’s why, poly who calls it being a small Niagara Falls.

Niagara Mini Bondowoso is about 6 meters high, and its shape is widened. So, when the waterfall falls, the shape looks very latif deh. Just look at the picture above. Just like in painting, right?

In addition to the beautiful waterfall, Niagara Mini Bondowoso also has a natural scenery more or less that is no less cool you know. There are green hills surrounding it.

If you want to see this waterfall, you must enter through the park and the road through the bridge that is perfectly opposite this waterfall. And obviously, this bridge is also a famous participating spot because of its right position to reach for photos of the beauty of this waterfall.

New Sampean Dam

Sampean Baru Dam is located in Bunotan Village, Tapen District, Bondowoso Regency, East Java, and has a unique charm so that poly tourists are interested in coming. If you notice, the design of this dam looks very neat, magnificent, & sturdy. So not sporadically the Sampean Baru dam is also a favorite spot for photos.

Actually, the work on this dam is relatively outdated, you know, approximately 4 years have just been completed. But the result did not disappoint. The dam, which has a height of 26 meters, a length of 670 meters and a width of 4 meters, has clear water and still serves to irrigate 9,800 hectares of public relations.

So, if you visit this tourist site in Bondowoso, don’t forget to take photos on the rocks using the background of this magnificent dam.

Arak-Arak Bondowoso

Again looking for a latif and contemporary East Java Bondowoso attraction? If so, you must visit Arak-Arak Bondowoso. Here you can enjoy the latif scenery while receiving very poly instagramable spots.

Bondowoso Arak-Arak is indeed one of the most favorite places during 2020. Moreover, in addition to the nuances that make happy, there are a lot of games available there, for example, renting a very cheap ATV, only Rp 10 thousand for 3 rounds.

In addition, the tourist facilities in Bondowoso are also quite complete and will make you feel comfortable there. Starting based on toilets, mushalla, places to eat, parking lots, everything is there.

Wurung Crater

If generally when you hear the term “crater”, which is imagined is undoubtedly a niche filled with sulfur liquid. But it’s different from this caldera. Wurung Crater is famous for its beauty location that is covered with grass. The area according to bondowoso tourist attractions is actually 1000 hectares, but the core area is only approximately 100 hectares.

The location of Wurung Crater is not far from Ijen Crater, only approximately 10 km away. Here, you are able to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere while looking at the scenery of the vast grassland. In fact, you can also see some antelopes and cows around this grassland to find food.

Don’t worry, it’s really cheap, only Rp5 thousand per person. If you bring a vehicle, you will be charged additionally for porto parking starting from Rp 2 thousand – Rp 20 thousand only, depending on the type of vehicle.

Galuh Park

There is a new destination that is really cool, but not many people visited, the name is Galuh Park. This tourist spot in Bojonegoro is at the foot of Mount Crengih, in Sumberrejo Village, Ijen Subdistrict.

In Galuh Park, you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery of the graceful hills that surround like a semicircle shape. In the middle of the garden there is a bug, and you can relax in the gubug while resting. The cool atmosphere & breeze must make you feel very comfortable in this place.

What activities can be done here?

Of course, the main purpose is photographs. Because galuh park is indeed amazingly beautiful. Moreover, to enter this area you will not be charged a free alias. Unfortunately, because it is still not managed properly, so there are no generic facilities such as toilets or dining sites.

Apet Lepet Hill and Penai Bulk

Well, the tourist location of ydi Bojonegoro this one will undoubtedly make you feel like you are on the location of the movie “The Sound of Music”. This is because Bukit Apet Lepet is a natural attraction that presents beautiful hills, complete with weeds and grass as in the film.

Behind the hills there is The Cluster Penai Crater which is a stretch of agriculture and a small hill.

Although not too poly tourists who visit here, but you can be sure this location becomes the nirvana of photographers or you just want to find new places for selfies or vacations with friends.

Tirta Agung Tourist Village

Kampung Wisata Tirta Agung is a recreation place in the village which was inaugurated directly by the Regent of Bondowoso. So, initially this is a reservoir of irrigation that has not been evacuated using either. Therefore, finally the Village Head and BUMDes or Village-Owned Enterprises along with the community more or less spread this irrigation reservoir into a tourist destination.

In this Tirta Agung Tourist Village, you can relax on gazebos set on water. There is also a small wooden bridge that is often used for photographs. No wonder many young children like to use this site, because it is a very instagramable place. Moreover, the price of admission is also very cheap, only Rp two thousand per person.

If you want to visit this Bojonegoro tourist spot, remember that Tirta Agung Tourist Village located in Sokleh Timur Bondowoso is open every Monday – Sunday, from 8 am to 10 pm.

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